Game Mobile - Updated on April 12, 2022

As you are a fan of Manggala Mythical Tap War, you will need to try to order as quickly as possible to experience the simple gameplay. With moments of light entertainment with the game. There will be a second to sit down with your ideas after a long busy time with an obvious individual. Instantly transforms into a shadow knight that stops demons. You can solve the nightmare in the dead night city.

Devil with darkness. The grudges in their hearts trampled them daily. Their fear spread throughout the warriors about their answer to the journey. Wouldn’t it make the knights falter in fear? Dispel evil nightmares alongside your power. Gently transported to every dark corner where evil demons reside.

Manggala Mythical Tap War


Sign your name throughout the previous history until entering the game Manggala Mythical Tap War. Write the story of a legend with dazzling achievements. Together with the knights make their legend. Preserve the weapons that make up your title. Takedown slash with precision and will. For the power to remove darkness from your journey.

Big Weapon

To replace struggling with expensive equipment. Then the game generates its method, which is free selection. Or unlock in many alternative strategies as you experience. With the desire that patrons have the ability to experience this genre. Nature has created weapons with completely different types of characteristics. Will make customers happy every time they use it.

Free download

Updated Manggala Mythical Tap War with free-to-play item mods. Gamers will not have to spend a long time to ask questions. No need to hurt your pocket every time you buy games and waste time as a result of them. On this occasion you will not be able to discover any other good free games other than this one.

Download ( V1.5 )
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