Game Mobile - Updated on September 10, 2022

Manor Matters – the application puts players in the role of an ordinary boy who inherits an ancient, dark, and creepy mansion, which contains many different secrets and mysteries. The game has an interesting plot, with various twists and turns, allowing you to see the world and attitude towards people in a completely different way.

Take on quests and quests to find out what’s going on in your domain, who’s involved in all the atrocities, and if there are ghosts on the grounds. To do this, the player will need high stamina and the ability to find traces, objects, and other evidence that prove your case and that you are on the right track.

Manor Matters will help you become more attentive, pay attention to details, and find clues even in other people’s words. Be careful, not everyone is happy to see you. Rumors of cowardice and weakness will spread behind your back, which will try in every possible way to ruin your reputation. Go to your goal, no matter what.

Find the ancient treasure your great-grandmother told you about in the story and solve the mystery of the mysterious tapestry that holds a lot of fun! The mod for more coins and stars will help you move faster through the plot and not hang when mining coins and other game currencies, and stars will no longer be needed to open a level new paragraph. Bring all the locals to clean water and find out what’s hidden behind your family’s old mansion!

Download ( V3.5.0 )
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