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March of Empires is a strategy game that offers a fresh take on your genre. The build-to-defend game was given a slightly different light with the addition of a new combat system that added variety and color to the game.

March of Empires Codes 6.7.1c
Codes ListExpiration dateNumber of
Q3CV9SD1B6ZJuly 30, 2022316
D6UNQIAKSEJuly 31, 2022615
LGQ30CODEAugust 24, 2022728
8J64SRIBMLKJuly 13, 2022983
Z6KYQF0XI4ODSeptember 3, 2022453
F9GBU7AD0SYJuly 13, 2022854

You have to choose one of three factions. Whether you choose the fearless and ambitious warriors of the highlands, the wise and inspired guardians of the desert, or the insidious and vile northern kings at all times – it’s up to you, and the game will provide you with all the opportunities for you to get maximum pleasure.

Create and collect incomparable guilds and rise in their composition to the very top of the Olympus of glory, being their leader and a strong fighter. Or cut your own path alone, only occasionally resorting to the help of neighbors. The choice is only yours, because it is up to you to decide in what ways you will achieve your throne and become the ruler of all the surrounding lands and possessions.

Rebuild the most powerful and inviolable fortress, which, due to its solidity and fortification, will not be approached by any enemy detachment. Develop your city in order to develop you too, because one cannot exist without the other. But also do not forget to develop your troops, which faithfully and unquestioningly obey any of your orders, believing in you and hoping that you will not let them and their families down. Think over the tactical side of all battles, otherwise even small units will be able to give you “nuts”. If you do not stop suffering nonsense, then all your warriors will soon die, their families will be heartbroken, and then they will be killed by the enemy. The choice is yours – save them all or fall in the eyes of millions.

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