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The way the developers supported Marvel’s Avengers with new content raised a lot of questions. Where is the promised Spider-Man exclusive to PlayStation? Why are the first two heroes added archers? And why do their stories take place in the same locations as in the main game? But the War for Wakanda update with Black Panther looked much more solid than the previous additions: a new region, new opponents, a very popular protagonist. Is this enough to change the audience’s opinion of the game?


This time, noticeably more effort and money was spent on the update than on the stories of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. We are transported to Wakanda, where, according to the assurances of the developers, no elements from the main game are used. That is, even boxes with materials that superheroes destroyed with one touch look different here and look more like large vases.

Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda - Will Black Panther save the game?

First look at the new location.

Wakanda looks luxurious – when you go through the first mission, you want to admire the surroundings, and not save your region from attack. The story is simple: Ulysses Klaue, along with his mercenaries, entered the Golden City in order to get a valuable resource – vibranium. Black Panther – the permanent T’Challa understands that he cannot cope alone, and decides to use the help of the Avengers, whom his sister Shuri let into the city.

Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda - Will Black Panther save the game?

The appearance of the characters was given a lot of attention, even though the storyline is short.

Unfortunately, the storyline did not turn out to be long – like past stories, it takes more than two hours to complete. But all five missions are very rich thanks to the spectacular videos on the engine and beautiful character models, and the locations were a success. The Palace of the Black Panther, for example, is much more picturesque than a dull helicarrier, even if there are no representatives of any factions in it (instead of them there are terminals with orders) and only an equipment merchant is available.

Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda - Will Black Panther save the game?

There are a lot of optional dialogues in the palace.

But the gameplay of the mission is not much different from what the main game offered. Kill all opponents, defend three points, destroy a large drilling rig – we have already dealt with all this. Unless new puzzles have appeared, but they, like the old ones, are very simple. In the last mission, the authors generally decided to repeat each order from those that were in the first four – such stretching of the gameplay blurs the impression a little. But a good final boss and a beautiful ending fix everything.

cat grace

Black Panther seems to be the most agile and agile character among all playable heroes. Even before acquiring new skills, it is played differently from the rest. When you hold down the heavy attack button, he jumps towards the target and knocks them to the ground, after which he can beat them with quick attacks. In ranged combat, he uses daggers, each of which weakens the target and increases the damage they take from other attacks.

Typical panther.

Panther’s super moves are simple, but become more interesting after investing skill points in them. Kimoyo Beads are homing projectiles that stun and debuff, but can also be turned into healing and support characters. The Vibranium Spear pins targets to the wall, rendering them completely defenseless. It can be turned into a spinning spear that pulls nearby enemies towards it. Well, the “ult” for 20 seconds reduces the damage received and increases the damage dealt; her modifications are also good – for example, fast teleportation from one enemy to another.

As you level up, you unlock more and more punch combinations that make the Panther much stronger. Five light attacks and one heavy attack knock enemies back with a shock wave, breaking through their defenses. A running heavy attack deals damage to the enemy multiple times, stunning them. Daggers can become homing and pierce targets. If the Panther is hanging on the wall, he can quickly jump towards the enemy and knock them down. Going from one move to another, alternating them with uppercuts and air attacks, I had much more fun than with other superheroes.

When opponents don’t interrupt your attacks, fighting them is much more enjoyable.

Not ideal

But in an attempt to diversify the list of enemies, the developers forgot that the battles should be exciting. There are no complaints about mechanical spiders – although bots get on your nerves in large numbers, they are not so scary. But the fact that opponents can now experience overload, be covered with red armor and better resist damage is a strange decision: hardly anyone would like to see even more “sponges” for damage in the game.

Most of all, opponents spoil the mood with a sonic aura that reflects attacks and emits sonic pulses. God forbid to be sandwiched between two such enemies – next to them the screen is covered with haze, through which not a damn thing is visible for several seconds. In addition, they can launch drones at you that use the same aura, and for some reason normal attacks cannot destroy them – you need to aim at them with daggers. It’s hard to believe that any of the testers liked this idea.

Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda - Will Black Panther save the game?

This is what Crossbones looks like in the game.

As a result, the War for Wakanda update is just an update, not an opportunity for Marvel’s Avengers to get back on the radar and gain more popularity after a bad first year. There was every chance – the developers really tried to make the story of the Black Panther beautiful and unique, and the character himself became one of the best playable heroes. But the content is too little to somehow affect the future of the game.

Along with the update, the authors have changed the interface, including introducing a new character screen design. Equipment and skills are now on the same page and are selected on the left side of the screen, and there you can put on your best things with one button without going into the inventory. Along with this, the developers added the long-awaited ability to simultaneously disassemble all the marked items, but managed to make the process not the most convenient. In one section, you choose what to wear, and in the other, what to take apart. Why this cannot be done in one menu is a mystery.

Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda - Will Black Panther save the game?

New character screen.

For an audience that still loves Marvel’s Avengers, the Black Panther update is another reason to spend a couple of dozen more hours in the game, complete the challenge card, collect costumes, emblems and other cosmetic tinsel. For those who initially didn’t like the action, nothing has changed at all – no matter how cool the new hero is, the gameplay is still the same game, without an interesting endgame and with an unnecessary multi-colored loot system. The miracle did not happen, and it is hardly to be expected.

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