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Square Enix continues to work on Marvel franchises with the just-announced Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. I would like to immediately compare it with Marvel’s Avengers, but this is its complete opposite – in Guardians there is only a single player campaign, there will be no DLC and microtransactions, since this is not a service game. The developers told us about this and many other things a few days ago at a closed presentation.

About the unique handwriting of Eidos

The development is carried out by the Canadian studio Eidos Montreal – the one from which fans of the latest Deus Ex have long been waiting for the third part of the series. Mary DeMarle, scriptwriter for Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, is the game’s lead narrative director. Basically, she talked about the “Guardians of the Galaxy” at the presentation.

For me, working on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was a real dream, because the main thing in this game is its story. I think we managed to create an exciting, funny, emotional story.

Marie Demarle, Lead Narrative Director

The team reviewed all the films and cartoons about the Guardians and re-read a lot of comics, which allowed the developers to understand what their own versions of famous characters could be. The process was controlled not only by the management of Marvel, but also by Dan Abnett (Dan Abnett), a British writer and comic book writer who created these heroes many years ago.

Everything about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: heavy emphasis on history, Telltale-inspired choices, and 80s musical hits

Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, is a man stuck in childhood, and that childhood was in the 80s. For this, the designers of Eidos were hooked – they made him an appropriate hairstyle and put on a jacket with badges. Gamora, as the deadliest woman in the galaxy, was dressed in a special battle suit. In the case of Drax, special attention was paid to the drawings on his body – they should tell about his past, about battles and losses.

Well, Groot and Raccoon Rocket should complement each other. Therefore, on the shoulder of Groot there is a installation created by the Raccoon, on which he can jump and shoot. And on the Raccoon, on his beard, it is not difficult to notice decorations in the form of Groot’s face, which indicates to the player a long friendship between the characters.

Everything about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: heavy emphasis on history, Telltale-inspired choices, and 80s musical hits

About plot and non-linearity

The story begins a few years after a large-scale galactic war, after which the Universe has not yet had time to recover. The main character will be Peter Quill. His goal is to earn more money, and together with his comrades he goes on a journey for profit.

At some point, two characters (it is not reported who exactly) make a bet, which entails a chain of catastrophic events. The Guardians of the Galaxy will have to take responsibility for what happened and save the day, otherwise the universe will end.

The developers chose the main character very quickly – it was obvious that they should be Star-Lord, as the central link of the team. Yes, and he is a man, so it is easier to associate yourself with him. He will be present in every scene involving other Guardians – the developers wanted to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of all the heroes and their cohesion in any situation.

Everything about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: heavy emphasis on history, Telltale-inspired choices, and 80s musical hits

The fact that Quill was chosen as the protagonist also influenced the musical accompaniment – there is a lot of licensed music from the 80s here:

Peter is a child of the 80s. He wants to listen to the songs of Kiss and Iron Maiden, Wham!, Blondie and Pat Benatar – all the classics of those years. We have done even more: licensed music in the game is not just a background. She often plays an important role in what is happening. But we won’t go into details now.

Marie Demarle, Lead Narrative Director

The most unexpected element of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was the ability to make decisions in dialogue. At the presentation, we were shown a gameplay video in which we had to do this several times. At first, Gamora, Groot, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon argued fiercely with each other – the player could determine whose point of view he supported, and this influenced the next remarks of the team members.

Everything about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: heavy emphasis on history, Telltale-inspired choices, and 80s musical hits

In another episode, the heroes found themselves in front of an abyss, which can only be crossed by a hidden bridge. Drax grabs Raccoon by the scruff of the neck and prepares to toss him over to the other side to help the team cross. The raccoon doesn’t like it, and we need to make a decision – stop Drax or still let him throw the poor fellow. In the video shown, the player chose the second option, and a red inscription appeared in the corner: “The raccoon is furious because of your decision.” There is only one ending here:

The beginning and ending will be the same for all players, and we have thought of a very impressive ending that will blow your mind. We want all players to get through this and get the most out of the adventure.

Marie Demarle, Lead Narrative Director

“Sometimes the consequences of your decisions will be minor – for example, the team will immediately face an additional test. And sometimes your actions will lead to serious changes and will be reflected in the course of the whole story, ”added lead creative director of the studio Jean-François Dugas (Jean-François Dugas).

About fights and mutual assistance

Of course, the matter will not be limited to dialogues alone – there is also enough action here. In the combat episodes, the authors also tried to convey the cohesion of the team, although you control only Star-Lord. In the lower right corner of the screen are images of your associates – if you hold down the button, you can open a small team menu. Time will slow down, and you will choose a character and ability, after which a friend will follow the order.

For example, an annoying enemy jumps in different directions – select Groot from the menu and ask him to release branches from the ground that will grab him. Or someone doing a lot of damage – have Drax turn him into a helpless polygonal figure. Or, if this is a four-legged creature, it will generally jump on his back and start beating him. After executing the command, you cannot immediately use the services of the same companion – the “cooldown” lasts about 15 seconds.

Everything about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: heavy emphasis on history, Telltale-inspired choices, and 80s musical hits

Star-Lord himself is a master of all trades: he fights in close combat, and shoots from two pistols (even lying on the ground or in a tackle), and flies up with the help of jet boots, and he has his own abilities. And when the scale, located next to the portraits of other Guardians, fills up, the player can activate something like an “ulti” – Quill begins to fly non-stop above the ground and pour lead on opponents.

Since we were shown not the very beginning of the game, some gameplay elements remained unclear. For example, after each shootout, the character gained experience and earned new levels, but what this is for and what it opens up is not clear. No skill tree was shown to us, and customization too. In another of the action scenes, the enemy was stunned, but how exactly the stun bar is filled was not explained. And it was not possible to find out what kind of objects the defeated enemies left behind.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will release on October 26 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. For pre-order, they will give a set of costumes Throwback Guardians Outfit Pack – Raccoon Rocket, for example, can be dressed in a black business suit. And buyers of the Cosmic Deluxe Edition will receive, in addition to the game, a steelbook, a mini-artbook, a digital original soundtrack of the game, and two costumes for Star-Lord.

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