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A quick question: would you feel at ease in a galaxy guarded by a talking raccoon with a huge rocket launcher in small paws, his taciturn tree friend, a huge jock with a bad sense of humor, a green-skinned killer girl, known in criminal circles as the most dangerous a woman in the world, and a charming, but very infantile young man with an antediluvian player, a fan of the music of the 80s? That’s it, I would also rather prefer to move from such a galaxy to some Andromeda.

But we must pay tribute to the heroes of the popular Marvel comics – they know their business. In James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy comedy, this “gang of outsiders” got rid of the formidable Roland the Accuser, who served as the most dangerous tyrant in the galaxy, the Titan Thanos. And now, in the very first episode of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, they kill Thanos himself in the first half hour.

Irony here oozes from every second scene.

We are Groot!

However, this does not mean that the same will happen in the second part of the film by James Gunn, which will premiere very soon, in early May. Telltale Games, as usual, came up with their own story, the events of which are only partially related to both the comic book and the movie. But in spirit, atmosphere and style, the game, of course, is closer to the popular blockbuster, which everyone has probably seen.

The characters, although three of them don’t look like the same actors, act as if they never left the set, Rocket Raccoon still fights with Drax, green-skinned Gamora and Star-Lord, for whom we, in fact, play flirt openly. And the wooden Groot looks at them and tenderly exclaims: “I am Groot!” Well, or irritably shouts: “I AM GROOT!!!”

Here, in approximately the same proportions, humor, charm, recklessness, superhero action and personal dramas interfere. Having rolled a huge booze over the death of Thanos, the next morning our hangover guards decide to sell the body of the main supervillain of the galaxy in order to pay off the bartender. And then – along with this circus – talk about the difficult past of Drax or Gamora, the general feeling of tragedy and Peter Quill’s constant memories of his dead mother. Star-Lord listens to the cassette she gave her in an old player, and now, having got the mysterious artifact that Thanos was chasing, he began to see and hear her at all, as if in reality …

Choice of “Guardians”

All this, of course, is cemented by the proprietary “Telltail” freedom of choice – within limited, however, limits. Whom to sell the body of the former main villain – law enforcement officers from the Nova Corps or a mysterious crime boss named the Collector? There is only one serious choice in the first episode, but it will clearly affect what happens in the future – we will immediately be told that, they say, now you are tied to lawyers or, conversely, to crime.

Without being distracted from surveying the location, you can communicate with team members via walkie-talkie.

This choice is also important in that it affects Star-Lord’s relationship with his partners. Rocket Raccoon and Gamora offer to do differently in this situation, and no matter what you do, one of them will be seriously offended. Well, in general, it is clear that in Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Games paid attention to the relationships within the superhero team. Every five minutes they either quarrel, pour out their souls, or ask for advice and carefully look Peter Quill in the eye, listening to what he has to say. And then either they are offended, or they thank for their support, or, like Gamora, they decide to restore relations with their named sister Nebula.

It is clear that this somehow does not seriously affect the plot, but it creates the right atmosphere when you feel that you are really responsible for those who have been tamed, even if it is a talking raccoon and a walking tree that is sick of a hangover in the toilet. And one more time, the choice in favor of one of the partners – Drax or Gamora – will affect how you will make your way to a huge ship of a seemingly extinct Kree race: openly, scattering enemies in different directions, or quietly.

Undiscovered opportunities

Although in any case, the gameplay will be quite banal and typical of all interactive series from Telltale Games – dialogues with a time limit for choosing a replica, fights involving QTE and simple quest elements when you need to find some item and use it in the right place.

In this sense, only Batman: The Telltale Series has stood out against the general background – there, before important fights, we planned their scenario, controlled a drone, and even reconstructed the events of the past after a careful examination of the scene. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is also about the heroes of the popular comics, and we had the right to hope for a repetition of something similar here.

The level of graphics, detail and facial animation in Guardians of the Galaxy is higher than in previous Telltail games.

But so far the expectations are not justified. Star-Lord can take off with his jet boots to view the top two levels of the temple, a very serious gameplay breakthrough! He also has a proprietary time scanner in his arsenal, which, you will be surprised, can scan the environment and also see the events of the past, but some interesting puzzles are not built on this mechanic in the first episode.

But according to the comics, Peter Quill even has a real living Ship at his disposal, into which some kind of intelligent energy has materialized – it can change its shape, create widgets, move in the air, in space and water, turn into a person and even show maternal care. Imagine how all this could be used in the game!

In the meantime, the fights are really pleasing – as in all the latest “Telltail” series, they turned out to be very spectacular and, so to speak, multi-stage. The epic battle with Thanos, for example, uses all the heroes and a lot of keys, and all this is accompanied by dialogue and cut-scenes.

Defeating Thanos by pressing only one key will not work.


In fact, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series so far is most similar to Tales from the Borderlands – another interactive space adventure where a team of colorful freaks with jokes and jokes are looking for some mysterious artifacts and fight villains on distant planets. Many consider Tales from the Borderlands perhaps the best series from Telltale, because there is the humor of the studio, for which we once fell in love with its games. And “Guardians of the Galaxy” have every chance to repeat this success.

So far, we are only providing a preliminary assessment – the results, as in the case of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, will be summed up after the release of the last episode of the season. In addition, we thank our friends at the digital store for providing a copy of the game (store page).

Pros: fascinating plot; colorful characters; corporate humor; beautiful graphics; excellent musical accompaniment.

Cons: The unique abilities and gadgets of Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians are little used in mechanics.

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