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Remember how Sharkey in the third season of “Berserk” brought to life a deranged Guts, who was ready to chop into cabbage even those whom he was supposed to protect, including the beloved fool Casca? She talked to him, appealed to his conscience and reason. In the JRPG Mary Skelter 2, pretty girls, the so-called Blood Maidens, can also go berserk when attacking their own. But to calm down, they do not need to talk – just lick the blood off each other …

And the girls are bloody in their eyes

Mary Skelter: Nightmares, released in 2016, was almost the perfect example of a Japanese “dungeon crawler” – well, I told you. In 2018, it arrived on PC, and at the same time, Mary Skelter 2 appeared on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. But the sequel reached computers only now, four years later, but improved, complete and with a remake of the first part on board.

Action Mary Skelter 2 still unfolds in a living Prison (The Jail), which appeared in a certain Japanese city. The monsters guarding her are now regularly kidnapped and dragged to the dungeons of the townspeople, where they are tortured. The survivors settle on the outskirts of the city, and almost their only hope remains the Bloody Maidens from the Dawn squad – pretty little girls with sonorous fairy-tale names like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Guess where Little Red Riding Hood is.

Their peculiarity is that when killing monsters, nyashki get dirty in their blood, which increases the level of Corruption – and this leads to the fact that Blood Maidens can fall into a state of Massacre or Berserk (Blood Skelter). In the first option, striking with increased damage, they quickly recover, but in the second, the attacks become even more powerful, but the girls can attack their own allies – you need to constantly monitor the level of Corruption and decide whether to bring the girls to such a state or no.

In a state of Massacre or Berserking, the girls’ eyes change color. Yes, and all the blood here is pink.

As before, there are several options to reduce pollution – both with an erotic twist. One of the maidens can use the Lick skill right in battle instead of attacking – she will lick the blood of monsters from her friend’s body, which will give one or another bonus. Well, or we are free already at the base during an exciting mini-game to clean the bodies of girls from Corruption with our sweaty red pens.

All this caused censorship problems for both the first part and Mary Skelter 2, which was released on Steam just in a censored form – you need to look for and download a special patch if you want to see 18+ content. Although in fact there is no special hentai there – maximum fan service, more or less erotic pictures.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

And in Berserk mode, all the girls are practically naked.

Many of these pictures become available as we participate in events aimed at developing relationships between characters. And this, I must say, is really interesting and funny dialogues and situations, and not the usual lead to “sex”.

Jack the Ripper

In any case, fan service and erotic hints in this case are not the goal, but a means, just a bonus to the main dish, namely to the game itself, which is still a high-quality, fairly deep and varied dungeon crawler with a bunch of interesting mechanics. In the second part, we begin a trip to prison in order to free the townspeople in the company of an old acquaintance, Little Red Riding Hood, and two new characters – the Little Mermaid and a girl named Onsu (Otsuu) who is head over heels in love with her.

Soon they release Alice – the heroine of the first part, who is still very attached to Jack (and he – to her). On their heels follows one of the Nightmares – these are almost immortal monsters, from which, as a rule, it is better to drape at full speed. In Mary Skelter 2, they can be fought – if enough damage is dealt, they will be stunned, giving us time to escape.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Right: Nightmare.

So, during the meeting with the Nightmare, Alice loses her temper and turns into such a fury that even the Blood Maidens have not yet seen. As a result, an earthquake occurs, everyone falls into the dungeons under the prison, and Alice remains somewhere upstairs. The Little Mermaid, Otsu and Jack come to their senses, and almost immediately Jack turns into one of the Nightmares – but he controls his condition and becomes an ally, closely, emotionally connected with Otsu (she herself does not know why).

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Jack’s transformation process is very painful.

This duet of Jack and Otsu has become one of the main features of the sequel – in one turn, the girl is free to do something twice, for herself and for that guy (literally), or you can switch to the “nightmare” Jack, who will start attacking and using their unique skills. True, in this case, again, you need to control the situation – Jack is also able to lose his temper (this state is called Ripper Jack) and attack allies, and if this happens three times per battle, the game will end prematurely.

To calm the poor thing, Otsu, thank God, does not need to lick anything: she has a special skill, which is called “Calm”. And Jack himself can use an ability that normalizes his breathing. But on the other hand, in a state of berserk, he is much more effective, that is, here, too, you need to respond flexibly to the situation and decide what is more useful now.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Jack has turned into such a funny bum that at first scares almost everyone except Otsu.

bloody garden

Other new mechanics appeared in the sequel, which, in particular, allow you to accumulate and deal critical hits more efficiently, especially if the character is actively conducting combos and using weapons with the Strike feature. Another mechanic imposes the so-called Kagome-Kagome Effect – when attacking an enemy with a weapon with the Bloodshot feature, the girls shed a lot of blood behind him, forcing the enemy to turn his back on them. This will allow them to deal more damage and cause the monster to waste time, skip a turn, before it turns to face the maidens again.

Also added the ability to somehow control the characters in a state of berserk. Using the Embrace Command function, you can either direct their full power at the enemy, or call fire on the one who issued this command, thus protecting a more important member of the squad.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Here is Otsu, who is on the left, already ready for the Massacre.

It is also now possible to grow crystals in certain areas of the dungeons, which sprout with flowers, and bring useful items and equipment as fruits. Moreover, the flowers, as expected, need to be watered – in this case, of course, with the blood of the monsters you killed. And with the help of the blood bags found there, it will be possible to learn some ability for the selected character, which can even affect his specialization. By the way, the role-playing system in Mary Skelter 2 has become more flexible. You are also free to change professions for girls (each in her class has several), and within their framework, learning new skills and, in general, managing abilities has become more free and convenient.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

We ourselves select a set of skills for each girl.

Blood bags must first be examined in the laboratory at the base. We also trade there, improve weapons, expand slots for spells (crystals are also spent on this), and use other useful services. And there you can take on numerous side tasks from the series “Kill or bring / collect so much and so much.” And from there, the detachment enters the map, deciding which location to recover to.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Well, the characteristics grow automatically, with the receipt of new levels.

Responsible for balance

All this is needed in order to find new and old Blood Maidens according to the plot, reunite with friends and destroy the cores of the Prison – this will allow you to deal with the Nightmares.

In the process, we still travel through the dungeons and streets of the city with a view from our eyes, fight, overcome obstacles and traps. For this, in particular, the unique skills of each of the girls are used. For example, Otsu can create bamboo balls that plug holes in the floor and allow you to go further, and the Little Mermaid with ice arrows not only freezes water, but also explodes special bombs hanging over some fragile walls – this will allow you to break them and go through the opened passage.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

A living prison, by the way, has a need for food and sleep.

The design of locations has become even more interesting and diverse – there are many nooks and crannies, closed for the time being, doors and areas. And there are many interesting opportunities to climb into hard-to-reach places – somewhere you need to walk along a tightrope, balancing and trying not to fall. And somewhere you can grab onto the rope and fly over.

So you can get to the chests hidden in the corners of the map.

And most importantly, in Mary Skelter 2 and the remake of the first part attached to it, the balance of complexity is better worked out – if at first even at the “Horror” (Fear) level, battles will be easy for you, then then you will have to use all the old and new mechanics in order to survive and not to destroy the detachment by the forces of its own participants who have flown from the coils. It is especially important to take into account the vulnerability or, conversely, the resistance of monsters to certain elements.

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Other Blood Maidens will also have to be fought.

And, of course, it must be said that the new characters turned out to be bright in their own way – what is the first Virgo we met named Hameln worth, who first sets monsters on us and offers to play – they say, “You run away, and I will catch and kill.” And she read all this in some manga. And then she will want to become our friend and protect the squad, because she read in another manga how good it is to have friends and be a hero …

Mary Skelter 2: Review

Hameln uses a magnetic flute to attract objects and open massive iron doors.

So, did the authors manage to overcome the “second album syndrome” and do everything at the same high level as in the first part? Of course, and even more – the sequel, especially given the remake of the original attached to it, has become more diverse, interesting and balanced in complexity. Only better optimization of the PC version is missing from the ideal (we hope for patches), but even in this form, all connoisseurs of dungeon crawlers, especially those made in Japan, are simply obliged to get acquainted with Mary Skelter 2.

Pros: interesting story; colorful characters; many new mechanics; even better and more diverse than in the first part, the design of locations, and the balance of complexity brought to mind; effective picture and art; Nice voice acting in both Japanese and English.

Cons: a lot of grind; there are problems with the optimization of the PC version; the music is often repeated.

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