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An excellent children’s game with the characters of your favorite cartoon will not leave any child indifferent!

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You have to help Masha cure all the sick inhabitants of the forest. There are, as it turns out, a lot of them, because in the forest it’s easier than ever to plant a splinter or a bruise. Of course, this is nothing to worry about, but even small wounds require immediate care, and therefore all animals go straight to Dr. Masha and her bear friend.

Help the girl cure all the inhabitants of the forest and then you will see incredible changes: from sick and sad animals will quickly turn into mischievous and active guys!

In addition to pills, injections and bandages, an addition awaits you – patient care. Looking after those being treated is a necessary condition for recovery, however, Masha approached this as seriously as anyone else. She will wash, and comb, and trim her claws – anything, as long as the animals are happy. Help the girl so that she can see as many patients as possible!

Some features of the game:

• Designed for children under 10;

• Helps in the development of coordination;

• Easy to navigate, has clear controls.

Become one of the doctors of the veterinary clinic with “Masha Doctor: animal hospital”!

Download ( V4.2.0 )
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