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In December 2020, general manager BioWare Casey Hudson left the company, and in June 2021 opened his own – Humanoid Studios. A new website of the studio was recently launched, where information about the first game of “humanoids” appeared.

The team is working on a sci-fi AAA game under a new intellectual property. The emphasis is on storytelling through characters. The project is multiplatform – without specifics.

In addition, there are several concept arts on the site that seem to be related to this game.

At the moment in Humanoid There are at least 17 employees and 14 positions open, including Lead Level Designer, Lead Writer and Senior 3D Artist. “We believe in the power of small, flexible teams and a flat organizational structure where everyone has the right to make decisions and help realize the vision of the project,” the studio’s website says.

Recall that Hudson acted as the director and producer Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the original trilogy Mass Effectso he has experience in working with science fiction.

Concept art from the Humanoid website.

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