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TV series by Halo follows its own line and is not canon for games. The deviations in the film adaptation are so significant that the Master Chief even has sex there! And it is arranged in such a way that it evokes a variety of emotions in fans – from laughter to stupor.

Spoilers for episode 8 of the first season of Halo

The show features a character named Meiki, a human girl who was kidnapped by the Covenant as a child. She was sent back to the people as a double agent, but when Meiki meets the Master Chief, a spark runs between them. Chief is touched by the fact that thanks to Meiki his humanity is restored, and Meiki is touched by Chif’s kindness.

And in the eighth episode, they have sex. The scene seems to be sensual and without vulgarity, but for some reason Cortana is staring at the lovers – and she is either inspired, or fascinated, or worried, or even excited by the moment of intimacy between Chief and Meiki.

Frames from the same bed scene. Cortana stares right at Chief with Meika and doesn’t even think about turning away or turning off.

For fans Halo this is a landmark moment: in 12 video games, 35 books and 21 years in the media space, Chief has never made love. He didn’t really have a relationship, except for a soldierly restrained attachment to Cortana. And here is a whole sex, and even with a live woman, not a digital one!

But okay, sex, in the context of the whole show and connection with Halo the scene looks completely absurd, about which they immediately began to joke and hysteria:

Look, I don’t care if it’s a spoiler or not, the world needs to know.

In the latest series Halo The Master Chief has sex with a human Covenant spy-captive, Cortana watches them, and this sex seems to set off the events that start the tragedy with Rich’s downfall.

Wait, people think I’m joking? But I’m not kidding!

Paul Tassi (Paul Tassi)

Biggest question: why didn’t Cortana give valuable advice? She also helped Chief when he fought other Spartans.

“Move a little to the left, Chief”, “Raise her hip”, “Nice!”.




Master Chief: “Wow, how cool is it to fuck with war prisoners who were raised in an alien society and were probably never taught to practice hygiene!”


ok i watched the new episode Halo and I have to admit: it was a tough night for the Xbox. And the fans Bethesda, and Master Chief in ** Bali on the same day. Goodnight.

Skill Up

On the subreddit Halo decadent moods reign: at the time of writing the news, topics like “This scene was the last straw hang in the top. What a shameful show” (over 20,600 likes), “I can’t stand the stupidity of this show anymore” (over 5,000 likes) and “Sorry for calling your plot awful, Halo 5…” (more than 2,200 likes).

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