Codes - Updated on August 6, 2022

Matt Duchene’s Hockey Classic is your ticket to a virtual world of exciting hockey matches. Here you can choose one of 60 cool teams and join it as a full-fledged player.

List of CodesExpiration date
MNOVFJPLY61September 1, 2022
XFDS6V2T45September 3, 2022
KI9LVU8JFSeptember 19, 2022
REBS9PJK21GSeptember 18, 2022
5K9B1M6E8X3WSeptember 13, 2022
8SOZJNWFUTKAugust 6, 2022

But remember that at the initial level of the game, your professionalism will leave much to be desired. In order for your team to come to victory, and for you to become a legend of world hockey, you have to go through a difficult path. Constantly train your character, improve his professional skills and complete various tasks that will bring you useful crafts to improve.

Matt Duchene’s Hockey Classic also features an original game mode that pits you against real world hockey stars. Be careful and try to upgrade your character as much as possible before the start of such confrontations.

A distinctive feature of the game is not only high-quality graphics, but also the original design. All characters are made in cartoon design, and have quite realistic physics. In addition, the game includes high-quality visual and sound effects that create an additional sense of presence.

Matt Duchene’s Hockey Classic is free to download, but the game contains additional paid content.

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