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The Initiative – internal studio Microsoftcurrently working on a reboot Perfect Dark. Later joined the development Crystal Dynamicsowned Square Enix. It was previously reported that assistants are not involved in the most important details of the shooter, but, judging by the VGC data, CD plays a more important role due to mass layoffs in The Initiative.

Journalists conducted their own analysis and said that over the past year The Initiative about 34 people left – all of them held key positions in development. So, the project lost, including two senior writers, several designers, managers and even a game director, who was Dan Neuburger (Dan Neuburger). According to LinkedIn, there are less than 50 people left in the studio.

Among the reasons that forced former employees to leave The Initiative, there is a lack of creative freedom and a slow pace of development. Neuburger and studio head Darrell Gallagher are said to have built a top-down workflow – tightly controlled creative decisions, ignoring the suggestions of colleagues. Such an attitude contradicts not only the name of the studio (Initiative in English – initiative), but also corporate principles – the website states that the company stands for a collective creative process.

Also, the wave of layoffs coincided with the invitation Crystal Dynamics to work on Perfect Dark. Based on this data, it can be assumed that the studio is taking on a lot more responsibilities than previously voiced. Former employees note that problems in the team began shortly after connecting a third-party studio. The bosses hoped that this move would speed up the work, but in the end the effect turned out to be the opposite.

However, leadership The Initiative confident in the remaining team and new colleagues. It wished success to all those who resigned and stressed that they were satisfied with the progress and cooperation with Crystal Dynamics.

All the former employees of the studio do not understand why Microsoft was so lenient about the lack of progress. VGC writes that the company is ready to give its “first tier” studios as much time as it takes to create big-budget games at the level Naughty Dog And Insomniacbelonging to Sony.

Thus, all the problems that have piled on the reboot Perfect Dark, add up to a not very rosy picture. Most likely, the game will not be released next year, and a large-scale team change may even provoke a soft restart of developments.

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