News - Updated on May 14, 2022

What if the events Alien: Isolation occurred in the Middle Ages? .. The question may seem strange, but a similar idea was in the minds of developers from Bloober Team – Polish studio responsible for horror Layers of Fear, Observer and The Medium.

According to the Gamepressure website, back in July 2021, information about upcoming projects was noticed on the website of the European Commission Blooberthat she submitted to the Creative Europe program. Among them was a franchise game “Stranger”the plot of which unfolded in the Middle Ages.

It’s about a game codenamed Black is a first-person action game known for the following:

  • The gameplay combined stealth and close combat – with or without melee weapons.

  • Battles were supposed to be rare, and sometimes they were allowed to be missed. Any fight promised a serious test – the opponents were always superior either in strength or in numbers.

  • Sometimes it was impossible to win in a skirmish, so you had to hide or improvise.

  • The xenomorph was the local deity worshiped by the cultists. As often happens in such stories, at some point the Alien woke up and began to wreak havoc.

  • There were at least two endings that led to decisions made during difficult moral choices. For example, should the protagonist punish his offenders or join them in the fight against a greater evil? Or should he save the child at the cost of his own life?

The authors were thinking about spin-offs Black in different historical periods by type Assassin’s Creed.

The company wanted to announce the game also under a working title, but under a different name, probably Black Plague. At first, the developers planned to reveal information about the medieval setting and a secret cult that worships a mysterious deity, while hiding the involvement of entertainment in the universe. “Alien”. And then, in the second trailer or later, to show that the deity is a xenomorph.

Bloober introduced the idea 20th Century Fox (owners of the rights to “Alien”) a few years ago and received a warm welcome. According to rumors, Ridley Scott himself, the director of the first “Alien”.

Since then, this idea has evolved into something else – at least from “Alien” there was no trace left, and the time of action changed to the beginning of the 20th century. Apparently after Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019, the new leaders found the Poles’ initiative not so interesting.

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