APK - Updated on February 4, 2023

Melon Playground is a ported adaptation of the famous People Playground app to the phone. The game is a pixel polygon, which is used to test various items on green dolls. With the tools available, the user must carry out a variety of crash tests to check the stability of items and dummies. At the same time, the application supports a large amount of additional content, which allows you to diversify the gameplay and make the exploration even more interesting.


To begin with, the player is sent to a gray room, in which there is nothing but a green doll. You can interact with it even without items, dragging the dummy around the map. If the doll hits an obstacle or hits the floor, it will get scratches and blood will come out on its body. The more often the player tosses the dummy, the more disabled it becomes. In the end, the doll may die, which is indicated by red crosses. If necessary, another dummy can be brought onto the site by pushing two subjects against each other.

How to give weapons

When simply dragging the little man has tired the player, he can add various objects to the room. To do this, the user needs to open the menu, select the appropriate item and drag it onto the map. Search convenience is ensured by dividing all objects into several categories. In this case, the artifact can be used independently or given to a mannequin so that it can be used for its intended purpose. The doll will be able to take the item if the player pulls out her hand, brings a weapon to her and presses the button in the control menu.

Additional Benefits

Despite the limited functionality of the main version of the game, Melon Playground offers users to expand their capabilities with additional content. For example, the FNAF mod. Various mods can be downloaded and installed on the official website of the application. Fan builds add updated packs with weapons, various creatures, furniture, vehicles, buildings and much more to the gameplay. However, the player can download a themed mod that will be associated with a popular game, movie or TV series.

The features of the application also include an in-game video recording tool. The user can record any test performed by clicking on the record button. If necessary, the shooting process can be paused, and the program will automatically mount the video. The finished video is loaded into the device’s memory, which allows you to send it to friends or share it on any social networks. Also, the Melon Playground interface is complemented by intuitive controls that make it easy to get used to the game without translation into Russian.

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