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Collect a lovable navy of mighty geese! Choose the proper approach to create a novel great duck employee! Collect fantastic treasures while you take over the world! Recruit dozens of unusual and distinctive Geese(?) and make the ultimate phrase duck navy! Several ranges all through the Adventures and the Legend challenges. Excellent for Casual Play! Fulfilling for all ages, anyone (and their duck, too!) can benefit from “Merge Duck 2”!

Your duck warriors can wrestle mechanically. You may accumulate earnings even in case you are offline. Put down your cell phone and get a cup of espresso while your geese order the spoils of the battle for you. Improve your manufacturing and battle expertise. There are many utterly completely different upgrades to pick out from. Select the proper path to evolve your duck warriors. Teaching camps can enhance the abilities of heroes.

There are 80 geese with distinctive expertise prepared with the intention to accumulate them. Enhance your geese and use them to wrestle. Some are knowledgeable in the assault, whereas others will help you with safety. Merge each form of unimaginable superheroes.

Merge Duck 2 Mod APK 1.17.1 (Unlimited Money and Diamonds)

Honestly way better than i expected with very few ads and a very fun game. Where can u put the code bro. really fun game to play should check it out. How is this a game.. I've done nothing but let the game play itself. It's like a the pages and read. That's all you do. Jesus Christ. Fix the diver. Reduce 60 energy and recover 180% hp. Why don't y add reduce %atk that enemy and increase % armor into it too? Just too broken. It triggers even crit counteratk. Campaign STUCKED at 12-28, my best squad 212k v 480k (how on earth can you pas this level without leveling up, tower of skyline STUCKED, Dreamland Not opened until 13-1, its getting boring.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined, literally knockoff AFK arena with weird ducks, the same game mechanic and style, the ducks aren't even entertaining or funny. The arena sucks. Keep getting errors again and again.. This Is So Good Game I Like It This Is Stress Reliever And It's So Funny And Cute Duck Hero Ang I Want To Purchase From It I Give It 5 Stars . It's so coooooooooooool Ive been playing for a min and I'm in chap 3 and there is some anime map in the background. It's fun and intertaining every duck is unique. And the storyline is great.

Really fun game. I reccomend downloading this game if u like games that include ducks, all jokes aside tho, this really is a good game and i really do reccomend you play.. The perfect game when your bored. EVERYTHING DUCK and major duck references/characters/parodies.. Need a vision on the skill if the new hero is mutiple damage or single hit thank you.. I don't care if it's not a merging game I'm still going to play it..

A lot potential but lacks of more contents and funny contents. A good game to pass your tike worth the download . Funny if that's what you're looking for. Editing my review cause i think it has higher chance of getting tier A ducks after redownloading it. I lost it when I saw Dark Magicians duck cousin.

i cant right now because i stuck on a normal stage and cant beat. It's just a really fun game to play. Couple hours in this far .. had to rate after I saw all the awesome references to other games nd anime 12/10 guys. Somehow I get a cool sense of nostalgia playing dis and it had nothing to do with my childhood. Loving it . I'm too lazy to say anything. This game is amazing I definitely suggest checking it out... I've been playing for 2months now, can i ask a favor? Can you make an item that reforge the substats of chips? Like for example a reforge ticket to randomly change the defense substat of chip to a random stat like for example, atk, crit or crit damage some sort of that but avoid duplicate stats. Thankyou!.

This is the best game and the maker is so cool. This game is 10/10 the cyborg with a huge cyborg hands is cool too and midorya too. Fun game all around, progression seems a little slow but that may be personal preference. Thank you so much for unbanned me I thought I lose my account on the game I rlly love the game. Fantastic alot to do funny animation funny story line just wish there was more ducks unless I just havnt unlocked it yet.

I like this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.cause i like duck. Funny games so exciting for updates. Its Good For Its Game. No Lag.. Just the lack of golden eggs that you can get is pretty upsetting Also not being able to use gems for ra eggs why dod you even make gems then ?. Was cool then stuck . Paywall all about pay to win. Dreamland is bs once u use only 7 supers u cant use them anymore then u get smashed cause opponent can still use supers. Got alot of ducks but it only gives me the ones i dont have only got 2 purple+ everyone i fight now is gold i have none n they faster and always attack first n wipe me out. I dont understand how i get to the 3rd dreamland but i still cant beat the 2nd one..

I absolutely love this game. If I had to make a change to anything it would be to maybe implement a section where it says what ducks are in your party when you go to upgrade your ducks. Other than that the game is super fun. Powers and combat really is nice. Good job on the game :). Just please maybe add a feature where when your upgrading ducks you it can say in party :). Hey it's just showing me that configuration isn't downloaded so I don't know how to play it i literally deleted it 3 min after I downloaded it . Nice Game.. Liked it.. Gd game for time pass.... Getting exp, gold & feathers are hard.. If u could buy exp and gold by diamond then, i'll give 5star. Lmfao I love the dragon ball z kind of opening, love the humor, love the animations and moves. Easy to play and understand, 100/10. been playing the game for a month and for the first - 2nd week of the game is good and addicting but beyond that it gets boring and all especially with the 12hr idle resource its basically useless and you only get resources like gold and feathers on quest tbh its pay2win but please bump that number up bcos its impossible to level up any heroes, speaking truthfully 🙂 try it yourself so you'll understand what i mean..

Funny yet simple also makes me chuckle with some of the references here and there. Cool like it but is kinda pay to win, but anway isn't that bad it is still very good. Good entertaining and so addictive it's funny when cyborg. Duck grabbed the other ducks ducks head punches him on the head it's so funny . It's fun when you are bored.. Idk I just play the game.

Tri nghim lc u rt tuyt vi, mong v sao game nhiu th v. Atleast be generous to new players devs. There's a lot of minor issues here and there, like how the description doesn't match the skill durations. like few ducks would use a skill that clearly says to last a round but when its used at the end of the round it ends after 1 single turn. Kinda annoying ngl, felt like planning out strats is pointless since it all got messed up by these kinda things. Its also ridiculous that out of 40 gacha I didn't get a single faction that I need while I literally need just 1 B rank of that exact faction.. I'm having fun at the moment but can you guys add a function which every match it can show the dmg done by every hero in the battle and how much they heal if they heal and how much dmg they take so every player can monitor their characters.. Need to be smart to know this game..

Dis game too Kool for skool. This game is nice l like it. Really good game i play it a lot bc all the features make the game fun. The game is good, just like in other comments it's true is hard to lvl for f2p. My team is average 100. But I sometimes get stuck especially if the enemy is like 30 lvl ahead, when that happens I change hero combination and then i win. But no new ducks so hard to collect gems daily.. The game is okay But the only thing that keeps me hating this game is when click tabs, it keeps loading and loading and loading and loading.. half of my gameplay is waiting for it to load ...

Awesome gameplay and fun to play too, the character are base on anime and games.. currently at stage 3, and its pretty good. First, no. This is the worst "merging" game I have ever played. Second, this isn't even a merging game.It's is a summoning game (a game where you collect things, people, heroes from a certain place in the shop or wherever) the battles are just on automatic and every second into the game just makes me want to quit. The first merge duck was good but this is the worst game I have ever played. Please make merge duck 3 but with actual merging.. Edit my good review to bad. At 1st game is very easy and fun but as the game goes on, the level gets harder and harder. Bad.. This game has many potential, but i hope it will get more features or events for future updates..

Another p2p garbage. No codes.. Probably one of the most enjoyable idle games ive played in a long time. Excellent character designs, great humor and a fair balance between the grind and the progression(at least to start) developers really thought this one through. Kudos to you guys:). Very unique game design and fun!.

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