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Merge Farm! is an innovative farming puzzle game where you can go about your normal ranch life. In this game, in order to achieve good results, you will need to constantly think and solve a whole chain of tasks.

Merge Farm!
  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.7.3

Learn how to properly use the available combinations of fruits and vegetables to get as far as possible. Grow a huge amount of fruits and vegetables together to sell them for even more profit in Merge Farm!. Try to make your farm the best in this amazing game. There are no complicated rules in this puzzle, and you can easily learn how to play it. Simply combine various plants together and grow them to sell later. Improve every next time the level of your game and achieve better results. Plant as many crops as possible and harvest them as soon as they are ripe. Constantly monitor the orders that will come to you daily. A game like Merge Farm! It is almost the most innovative and modern in the puzzle genre. Combine crops, vegetables and fruits to achieve the best result and collect a huge amount of harvest. Merge Farm! – puzzle for real farmers Participants in this puzzle will require a huge amount of logical thinking skills. Plant more and more plants on your land every time and come up with the perfect strategy to make a profit and fulfill your orders on time. In Merge Farm! In order for the plants to really grow, they will need to be combined in pairs and done at the most opportune moment for growth. With each new level, you will understand that managing such a farm will not be so easy, because it grows, and tasks grow with it. Try to play the puzzle game today and get better results.

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