Merge x Fiesta Codes Wiki [2024 July]

Updated on June 21, 2024

Merge x Fiesta codes offer players the opportunity to combine items from two popular games, Merge Dragons and Merge Magic, with the festive theme of Fiesta. By inputting special codes, players can unlock exclusive in-game rewards and characters that bring a unique flair to their gameplay experience. This collaboration merges the best elements of both games, creating a fun and exciting fusion for players to enjoy during the Fiesta event.

New valid for Merge x Fiesta Codes Wiki

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Golden crown 2. Ruby-encrusted sword 3. Bag of gems 4. Enchanted shield
Get Code 1. Golden sword 2. Ruby necklace 3. Bag of diamonds 4. Magic wand 5. Potion of invincibility
Get Code 1. A powerful enchanted sword 2. 1000 gold coins 3. Rare gemstone earrings

Merge x Fiesta Tier List

Tier S:
1. The Ultimate Warrior - With powerful attacks and healing abilities, this character reigns supreme in battle.
2. The Sorceress Supreme - Master of elemental magic, this character can decimate enemies with powerful spells.
3. The Shadow Assassin - A silent and deadly assassin, able to strike swiftly and efficiently.

Tier A:
1. The Mystic Cleric - Supports the team with healing spells and protective magic.
2. The Beast Master - Commands powerful beasts to fight alongside them.
3. The Gunslinger - Expert marksman with rapid-fire capabilities.

Tier B:
1. The Treasure Hunter - Expert in finding valuable loot and treasures.
2. The Enigmatic Bard - Uses music to buff allies and debuff enemies.
3. The Armored Paladin - a defensive powerhouse with strong armor and protective abilities.

Tier C:
1. The Magical Engineer - Crafts gadgets and devices to help in battle.
2. The Rogue Thief - Stealthy and cunning, but lacks raw power.
3. The Ice Mage - Master of frost magic, but lacks versatility in combat.

Tier D:
1. The Novice - A beginner adventurer with much to learn.
2. The Clumsy Jester - Entertaining but not effective in battle.
3. The Sleepy Wizard - Powerful spells but slow and easily defeated.

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