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Metal: Hellsinger can hardly be called original. Rhythm shooters existed before it – BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE came out two years ago with similar gameplay. And there are even more shooters about killing demons from hell – just remember DOOM. However, the novelty is still catchy, despite the obvious borrowings. And perhaps it is thanks to them.

Without a voice, but with guns

One day, a new soul appeared in hell, who arrived not just to boil in a cauldron, but to find an old enemy and return his stolen voice. The demons did not come up with a name for her, so they called her Nameless. The Lady of the Underworld (who is often referred to as the Judge) did not like the Nameless One, so she imprisoned her for a long time. With outside help, the heroine got out of prison and went to crush the demons and look for a way to regain her voice.

At first, only a sword is available to the player, but already with it you can understand how the gameplay works. We get to a linear location, which is a set of arenas, and we must kill every demon we meet, otherwise the doors to the next “rooms” will not open. But mindlessly waving a sword is not recommended – it is better to beat the music that sounds in the background. Therefore, before starting the passage, it is proposed to undergo a calibration, which determines whether the game will respond to your clicks with a delay.

The plot does not have enough stars from the sky, so in the review I almost did not pay attention to it. Just a series of cute videos that allow you to relax in between levels.

The plot does not have enough stars from the sky, so in the review I almost did not pay attention to it. Just a series of cute videos that allow you to relax in between levels.

A sense of rhythm is also important when using firearms. First, it is a skull shooting with clots of energy (an analogue of a pistol), then a shotgun, a crossbow and other specimens appear. Arsenal is not the richest, but it is enough. Cannons behave completely differently – a crossbow, for example, fires exploding bolts.

methodical and timely

Whatever weapon you choose, the need to use it in time with the music will not get rid of. When you shoot or swing your sword at the right time, you deal several times more damage to the enemy. In battles with skinny demons, this is not so important, but if more dangerous creatures are encountered, it is advisable to catch the rhythm – otherwise you will run in circles for a long time and will certainly lose health.

The game constantly throws up new monsters: there are jumping swordsmen, and shooting shield bearers, and flying seraphs that shoot lasers, and similarities of insects that spit acid. In many situations, a jerk saves, allowing you to quickly move to a safe place. It is especially useful against enemies that fire several projectiles at the player at once or create an explosive wave – in the second half of Metal: Hellsinger, you meet with such more often.

But not only you need to shoot on time. Half of the guns require reloading after emptying the clip. It happens relatively quickly, but it can be accelerated by again pressing the button at the right time. Arrows moving in the direction of the sight tell you when to press – one of them turns yellow.

The jerk can also be done to the beat of the music, but I could not understand if this affects anything. Rage does not increase, combo does not change.

And in time, you need to finish off opponents. Here, the developers are quite shamelessly copying the latest DOOM – weakened enemies blink, and the player needs to quickly eliminate them by pressing the stick. For this, you restore health, which otherwise can only be replenished with the help of green crystals on the wall, and their number is limited. At the same time, if you can shoot and reload at any time, then you need to finish off only in time – otherwise the animation will not start, and the demon will come to its senses faster. In DOOM, it was necessary to get close to the enemy, but here finishing moves can be activated at a fairly large distance – after all, we are not playing as an infantryman in heavy armor.

At first, the sense of rhythm can fail, but over time, you use the mechanics better. Yes, Hellsinger really resembles DOOM – both in the design of locations, and in the behavior of some opponents, and in cruelty. And since DOOM is a great game, even its imitators are able to arouse interest. However, here the developers have made not just a shooter about shooting demons and force the player to move in an unusual manner, pausing and eliminating targets one by one. If in DOOM the faster you kill the demons, the cooler it looks, but here the rush does not always lead to good results.

Red crystals explode when fired and injure not only opponents, but also the protagonist. Green ones allow you to quickly restore health.

hell song

First of all, playing to the beat of the music is necessary to keep the rage multiplier. When you first start playing the level, the soundtrack is almost inaudible – only the drums sound. Each time the rage builds, more instruments are added, and at 16x, the vocal track kicks in:

This is also not a new idea – just remember Devil May Cry 5, where for the sake of the chorus of the Devil Trigger song, you wanted to hold the S rank during the battles. However, the lack of originality of the mechanics does not make the soundtrack worse – here you also try not to lose the multiplier, since the songs become even more groovy with vocals. Whether it’s the growl of Soilwork’s vocalist or the wonderful voice of Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy, when the singing kicks in, you feel like you’re at your peak and even start to play better.

All these mechanics are combined in such a way that over time you stop thinking about borrowing and just enjoy the process. The main thing is to figure out which weapon you like more. Twin revolvers? Powerful shotgun? Crows of the underworld, which are something like two boomerangs? But each gun also has an alternative fire mode when you accumulate a charge by killing demons. Boomerangs start spinning around the character, the skull gun freezes targets, and then they explode at the same time when one of them is eliminated …

Don’t get fed up

There are eight levels in total, each of which lasts about 20 minutes, so after more than two hours the story campaign will be completed. Not enough, but enough to want more, and the game did not have time to get bored. However, this is not all the content available – in addition to completing the story at different difficulty levels, you can do bonus tests that are launched through the level selection menu.

Tests take place in small arenas.

In some “challenges” you start with 10 seconds and must kill opponents in time – only then time is added to the timer. In some, only eliminations with an alternative fire mode are taken into account – simple kills do not bring points. There are tests where, after defeating each enemy, the weapon changes, so you try to use powerful guns against strong demons, otherwise you won’t have time to pass in time. Of course, I would like to compare this with runic trials from DOOM, but at least you don’t need to look for them here – they open after passing each level.

The rewards for victories in the “challenges” are sigils, passive abilities that you can take with you on story missions. One prevents rage from dropping below a certain level, the other increases damage dealt when health is low. Some sigils affect the hit streak bonus – if you shoot accurately (and on time) and do not take damage, you will get more points at the end of the level.

The sword and skull cannot be removed from the inventory, and in addition to them, you can take two more types of weapons.

The sword and skull cannot be removed from the inventory, and in addition to them, you can take two more types of weapons.

In general, those who like to improve their results and fight for places in the leaderboards will definitely love Metal: Hellsinger. The final score here depends on many indicators: hits and kills per beat, the length of the series of hits, the speed of passing the level, headshots and finishing moves, mass kills and received damage are taken into account. Although I am rarely interested in hunting for high scores, here I decided to replay several levels to improve the score – when you know what awaits you and open useful sigils and all kinds of weapons, you feel more confident.

What is disappointing in the gameplay are the bosses at the end of each level. The developers allegedly saved money and made them outwardly the same – these are bony birds flying above the ground, which periodically teleport and call on packs of enemies. Their abilities are different, as well as the dangers in the arenas – sometimes fire traps interfere, then the floor disappears. But the external similarity of the bosses lubricates the impression. But the final boss is oh so good – both in terms of mechanics, and in terms of musical accompaniment, and in terms of design.

You can find out from what level the boss in the screenshot is only thanks to the location & nbsp; - it is impossible to understand this by his appearance.

You can only find out from what level the boss in the screenshot is due to the location – it is impossible to understand this by his appearance.

The authors of Metal: Hellsinger seemed to spit on the claims of those who accuse them of copying ideas. They wanted to make a rhythm shooter in the spirit of DOOM – they did it. It turned out great: the “trick” with shooting to the beat of the music works, and the soundtrack consists entirely of beautiful hard rock, which you will want to listen to separately from the game. At the same time, you will catch the rhythm better – it will certainly help when you return to the old levels in order to go through all the circles of hell again and win high places in the leaderboard.

Pros: Addictive “meat” gameplay in the spirit of DOOM, only with the mechanics of a rhythm shooter; various levels; a sufficient number of weapons and enemies so as not to get bored; a great soundtrack that gets better as you progress in battle; additional entertainment outside of the story campaign.

Cons: not enough own ideas – we have already seen everything somewhere; the bosses look the same (but their abilities differ).

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