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METAL SLUG ATTACK is a multi-million dollar strategy that will give players unique features. Once appeared on mobile platforms, this game became a real hit and thundered around the world. Join right now for the most powerful fight.

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Simple game control from the legendary mobile manufacturers will be available to every player. There is nothing complicated here, and you can easily get used to the strategy. The game environment itself in METAL SLUG ATTACK is made in retro 2D pixel graphics, which was previously on classic consoles. You can enjoy the animation indefinitely and boldly engage in battles against the best players around the world. Take advantage of the unique support system and come up with your own individual strategy. It will be highly effective and will help you achieve superiority over your rivals. This strategy has an incredibly huge number of exciting and intense missions in which you need to carry out attacks. Attack the military bases of your rivals in METAL SLUG ATTACK and win resources. You can play in any of the five available modes and go through the story company. Free hostages all over the world, hunt for treasure or go through combat school. Millions of players fight in METAL SLUG ATTACK Fans of the multiplayer mode can connect to the real-time game mode, where a huge number of users fight for the title of hero every day and they are not afraid of crazy battles. Win rewards and add-ons to level up your combat skills and complete missions. By inviting friends to METAL SLUG ATTACK, you can create your own Guild and then participate in special battles with friends. Naturally, for success in such players will receive much more rewards and gifts that can be freely used.

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