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Battle the likes of sozzled barbarians and nuke-addled snotwolves to protect our glowing inexperienced world from the sweaty fingers of the Meteorfall Krumit’s Tale entails a similar core deck establishing mechanics as Meteorfall: Journeys and the similar solid of overly optimistic heroes, nevertheless expands the ‘swipe’ mechanic proper right into a dynamic grid-primarily based system. This suggests additional depth and longevity – our heroes should choose perks to complement their deck-building method and deal with the board in the occasion they need to triumph.

Meteorfall Krumit's Tale Mod APK 1.0.192 (Unlocked All)

So.... there's items to unlock and buy with real world money in this game, but.. with no Google play account save, when you upgrade your phone, there's no way to recover your progress, when you upgrade your phone??. Didnt find it as fun as Journey. The blatent antisemitic imagery in this game is gross and off putting. No thanks.. This game is super fun! Lots of stuff. The classes are very different and fun to use. Only 2 stars due to device compatibility. I really enjoyed this on my LG, but got a Flip3 recently and the screen is all off. I tried all kinds of settings but stuff is still getting cut off in portrait on the left and right. I don't play anymore because it's really hard to see certain things on the sides of the screen. Also the initial loading screen is very low resolution compared to the rest of the game.. very fun game. Great game. Great art style..

Love it.. Very addictive and challenging card game. The choices available enable a multitude of strategies for each playthrough. Different approaches to the game are always rewarding and satisfying. An absolute classic.. I enjoy the game concept, but the base difficulty seems really high considering that your success is heavily influenced by chance. I've yet to finish the game after playing off and on for over a year. Get a bad roll and have few or no items on the board at the start and you're screwed. The "perks" are lackluster considering the difficulty. Overall, this game would be more appealing if it were more balanced. It's a shame, considering that Meteorfall was done so well.. A lame version of Cube Card.. Fun fun fun fun fun. 10/10 would recommend.

I paid 10 for a mobile game and there are still in-app purchases? Soo greedy. Unacceptable!. Meteorfall and slay the spire are the best mobile games if your into roguelike deck builders. I enjoy this games take on the genre.. Meh. It is more about survival strategy than actual deck-building and creating sweet satisfying combos. Each board feels like you start with a "negative" or unfavorable scenario and need to survive/struggle to a "zero-point" but not necessarily becoming strong. Clunky control over your "deck" Each board you complete gives you a feeling of relief, rather than accomplishment, which isnt for me.. Excellent. Addictive game.. One of the best roguelike deckbuilders on mobile ! This is a must-play for anyway who has grinded SlayTheSpire or others games in the genre !.

This mode is awesome but harder than before I'm huge fan of the First one. More characters. Simple and well thought. The game allpws multiple strategies and flexible deckbuilding - also it doesn't try to bleed you dry at every turn which is a plus.. There is a very serious bug that needs to be fixed. When I use Google Play Games to view achievements, I get force quit from the game(My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G). By the way, we are also looking forward to updating new contents, such as New Game +10 and new items... Although I know the developer is developing new games, but I also hope that the developer will pay more attention to this game, because this game is really fun. An ordinary player from Taiwan. ^^. Nice, but overpriced. Gets boring after few runs..

This game is a priviledge to play, worth every penny. Just make sure you don't have anything planned ahead whenever you play.. It's difficult game but once you learn the mechanics It's fun. I'd like to see some different characters in the third installment (When available) All in all a worthwhile game / purchase. The wobbliness made me seasick. If you give me an option of not fighting while standing on shaky ground, I will purchase the game again. As it is, I had to ask for a refund.. Good but wheres the cloud save? I put it on my tablet also but its back to new game nothing saved or transferred??. This is one of the most impressive mobile exclusive games I've played. It's a roguelite that's about on par with Slay the Spire. All of the mechanics are easy to grasp, and they feed into each other in really fun ways. I love how unique each character plays. The art and writing also work well to form a fantasy world as told by a witty old man. My only complaint is that it's rather easy for a roguelite, and while there is an escalating difficulty, it takes a lot of playtime to get to a hard spot..

Was looking for a card roguelite and got more than i wished. The gameplay is rich and strategic. It is worth the money. I love this lil mobile title. Its got character and is easy to pick up, yet still leaves plenty of room for strategy to be implemented, which imo is the key to giving a game like this some legs so it doesnt get boring in a day or 2. As far as people criticizing the fact that luck plays a part, that should be obvious whenever youre dealing with a card/dice based game. No pun intended. But seriously, in what card game is luck not a factor whatsoever. Smh. i quite liked the previous game, so i was curious when i saw it had a sequel, this is quite different but in good way, i like the fact that you need to use your brain more here. i wonder what they'll do next. great game.. The original Meteorfall is better in my opinion. I think Krumit's Tale overcomplicates things.. In this sequel from Slothwerks, the player journeys again into the charming Adventuretime-y postapocalyptic fantasy world of Meteorfall. Innovative tile-based deck management takes the complexity up a notch but rewards careful strategy instead of the frequent ruin by bad luck common in rogue-likes. The tongue in cheek humor will keep you smiling through your playthroughs with the six playable characters (dlc is worth it!), 9 newgame+ difficulties, and daily challenges. Favorite mobile game!.

I was a big fan of the first game they released. This one is fun but locking players behind a pay wall is honestly disgusting. I mean I paid like 7 or 8 for the mobile game. When will it be enough? I expect this from a FTP but with a paid game you should get all of the content you paid for..... I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.. I prefer this over journey. One of the best mobile rogulikes. You buy the game and then you still need to buy other things. Not honest. It was fun.

blown away :O really satisfying to play. Really challenging and fun puzzle/rpg. Reminds me of slay the spire combined with adventure time.. Addicted! I need more.. Unplayable on the Zflip 3 because the resolution doesn't scale properly. Can't see anything on the sides of the screen. Please fix this the game seems awesome. Very original, very entertaining.

From the art to the gameplay the game is awesome. I've spent untold hours trying to figure out the intricacies of each character. Highly recommend. MeteorFall+ is essentially what you're getting. It is unfortunately still a game that is almost entirely luck of the draw/build in order to win but it is fun. There certainly is more strategy that goes into how you can win. I found myself enjoying the music. In short: If you liked Meteorfall, this game is for you, much like all of Slothwerks others. 6.99 feels a little steep but I want to support this dev.. Been playing for a month, only beaten it once. Much harder then the first, and very different, but a step in the right direction. This game is endless fun, and a great challenge for those who like a game you'll have to spend awhile learning the best way to play your tiles!. Great game but it need to have undo button because one wrong click, even unintended and you need to start again. Very frustraiting. worth it. played for months now and still have lots of things to do.

Fantastic game with incredible replayability. Once I hit a wall with a class I switch to the next class and it's a completely different set of abilities and items. I am playing this on my phone more then any other game on my PC or switch. I like this game so much I made a review.. The game is fine. But you have the balls to ask for another in game purchase after buying the game..... Awesome game developers, amazing rouge like with a lot of quick thinking combined with long term planning, can recommend any game put out by them. I don't write reviews. I've never been that kind of person. HOWEVER, Krumit's Tale is by far my favorite mobile game. It's fun, engaging, and I could write a separate review alone about the quirky unique graphics. The game is amazing and if you're on the fence this is your sign. There's no way to exit the game without pressing your Droid's home button, which is unacceptable in this day & age. The game itself is fantastic and is even more brain-draining than Slay the Spire, due to decisions needed for when to procure items or slay monsters. But the 3x3 overview doesn't show you how much a weapon or armor would buff you upon collection (you have to keep tapping them individually if you forget). It also doesn't warn you of accidental wasted healing if at full health, etc..

Great game. Massive replay.. Really unique roguelike deckbuilder, surprisingly in depth and challenging. If you don't like puzzles this might not be for you because you need to think things through a lot and plan several moves ahead if you want any chance of winning (unlike the first Meteorfall which was a lot simpler) but for everyone else this is an easy 5 stars.. The gameplay didn't feel special to me at all. After I beat my first run, I uninstalled thinking I would never play again. I tried to reinstall recently to give it a second chance, but my progress wasn't cloud saved. I would have to start over from scratch. I'm not about to do that.. Unique and addicting deck builder roguelike. As someone who enjoys Slay the Spire, Monster Train etc. this game is fresh and brings a lot to the table.. tl;dr: the game is good. Graphics A+, gameplay B-. The game is very frustrating. Matches are often a "razors edge" such that a single misplay ends a run. Gold is insufficient, health is insufficient, equipment is insufficient. You simply don't have the resources to get the job done, so you have to be clever. That's fine, except when a misclick or a single mistake means you just die. Haven't made it to the end yet. Not sure how I ever will, but here's to trying..

With Slay the Spire available on mobile you need a good reason to play any other deckbuilding adventure game, and Krumit's Tale delivers. Its unique tile system makes dungeon delving much more strategic, and each of the many characters feel very unique to play. After quickly losing interest in other StS clones, I've enjoyed Krumit more than I thought I would, and will be checking out the other Meteorfall game next. Meanwhile highly rec this one to anyone looking for a new take on the genre.. Excellent well designed game. If you like slay the spire or other card base roguelikes, you will likely enjoy this.. This game has great animations and graphics but its not about how good you play but rather how long you play. There are walls that are just unwinnable and you need stronger items. There is also a mtx transaction after you buy this game for an extra character. Just charge $2 more for the game and include everything.. Not only one of the best games for mobile but also the best roguelike deck-building game around (even on PC). I've played my fair share of this kind of game and usually they get stale pretty soon but somehow this game keeps me engaged until I've beaten it with every available character. It never seems to get to that point where it's more work than play, like many other games do. Absolutely recommend it.. This game is just awesome! 100% agree with what other reviewers here mention: the animations are great, the mechanics are cool, I can't ask anything else from a game like this. What I personally like the most is the feel that the game creates: it feels like you're in this dude's home playing his weird homebrew tabletop RPG, and all the elements look like stuff you can find in anyone's home: bottle caps, post marks, boxes from random candy. Amazing game! 5/5.

I would love to see this game in a 5x5 game board at some point.. A very entertaining game that can save you from any boring moment.. Would be nicer if achievements triggered and synced at all. Boring gameplay.. Great game. Needs a Fast Animation option. Love the tone, the art, sound, gameplay. Great package. Needs a fast animation option..

amazing roguelike, worth every penny.. Boom. 20 runs to finally beat the game. High five!. Krumit's Tale is an addictive card game. Everything about it is top notch: the animations, the sound, the creative rules. A little bit of a learning curve but it won't be steep if you've played card games before. If this *is* your first card game it's not too tough of a learning curve and there's an Explorer mode which allows you to turn on some cheats to ease the difficulty from a little to a lot. There are enough variations to choose from to keep the game fresh for a long time! Recommended!. I like it a lot! I love the animation and general presentation. Krumit's mutterings are also amusing. I also appreciate the explorer mode which makes the game a little easier.. This is a really fun game..

This game and meteorfall are unique in both art and gameplay, with the latter being especially true in this game. All of the characters have a very unique and varied playstyle. I hated the tile system at first glance, but give it a chance. However, gonna have to say that that $1.99 day 1 dlc character is a sour note. This game isnt exactly cheap (and honestly overpriced) so its a bit of a slap in the face to see a price tag in the character screen. It's pretty grimey guys.. Played a couple runs, I know I'm gonna have fun with this. Any chance we'd see controller support added? Love playing in landscape mode. Brilliant... A fantastic follow-up to Meteorfall. Only one purchase option (that I've seen) which is a must buy, to show the dev some support for all the work that's gone into this.. Paid for game then add iap no thanks. What a beautiful and engaging, genre-mixing game. Playing it feels like being a part of a carefully animated, witty puzzle cartoon-world disguised as a roguelite, card-drafting rpg. The humour is also spot-on, makes me chuckle every time. It's obvious just how much care and love went into making this gem. The price is more than fair, with one optional character to be bought, again worth it to show support. A rare find and tasty evolution since the first Meteorfall. Keep up the great work, dev!.

Perfect card game . Amazing game, I unlocked all the characters already. I suggest a custom run where you pick your starting cards from all the cards and starting perk too? Also character outfits would be cool.. A differing perspective to dungeon crawling, with a 9 tiled approach to give the player a bit more control over the order in which to tackle the scenarios. The progression both during each run and between death-and-new-attempt give a great sense of momentum. Plenty of strategy, but given that it is a unique take may require a bit of investment before feeling comfortable. Certainly worthwhile.. Fantastic strategy and puzzle game with great deck building elements.. Amazing roguelike deckbuilder, as good if not better than slay the spire, monster train etc. Charming artstyle, great character variety, deeeeeep strategic gameplay. Better than i'd dare expect on mobile.

Super fun! Get it of you like Slay the Spire et al. A fun, fresh take on the card roguelite. This game is well worth the money and each different character is so unique to play. The use of the grid makes for a different kind of strategy than in the previous game and there are plenty of other innovations as well.. Brilliantly done. I've sunk so many hours into this game!. Brilliant game.. Very good game. It is addactive. One big problem: After >30 min phone become reaaaaly sloooow. Once I kill the game the phone become normal. With game on Android home button is almost unresponsive. With the game in BG youtube could not load home page. model sku xt1900-1, Moto x4, Android 9..

Really great game. My only complaint so far is that the salamander trait needs to be more obvious when you're about to die. I forget that I have it so many times and give up on a fight, just to realize I could have run from the fight and salamander would have saved me.. Extremely good reply value, and surprisingly deep strategically - the difficulty continues to scale after you beat it. An amazing card game! If you are looking for a good mobile game to burn some time, and you are into deck building card games please check this out. It does so many things right, so much fun to play, and it is unique in its own way. Which is a feat considering how many card games are out there. I personally love the art style, it gives so much character, but understandably it is not for everyone. Awesome game! Congrats to the dev and team!!. Meteorfalls a garden. Dig it.. This game is a great strategy card game - might be a bit to hard and RNG dependent sometimes, but still fun even when you lose!.

Great rogue like deck builder, with a good twist using the tile system. My only real complaint is I wouldn't mind some more card unlocks for each character. A roguelite method of playing would be interesting as well I think, something in between normal and explorer.. Good and beautiful, but very repetitive and it gets boring quickly.. Nice one, but I wish and I hope the music of this game can be listened on youtube or spotify. The game has Amazing artwork and soundtrack. Truly a hidden gem.. I hope will be option for Arabic language in the game ( disappointed)!?. Some bugs but great game artwork is fantastic.

Very fun rogue gameplay. Well thought roguelite card game. Mechanics are interesting and feel fresh. Don't be put off by the art style. Excellent game.. Great game, hoping for a sequel or expansion.. Best game of all time, thank you for making a mobile game thats actually a game and not an endless casino like other games.

Not my jam, but you can't argue with the quality!. I love it. As a fan of the strategy card game genre this is so interesting and we'll executed. The only thing I don't like is the cancel button out of descriptions is not in a consistent position when buying stuff and looking at descriptions. But otherwise I love the different playstyles. Well done!. This is my entry into the series and I love it! I have to admit that I'm neither overly fond of roguelikes nor of card-based games. Hence, this was an odd pick for me. That being said, I found the gameplay to be: perfectly suited to touch inputs, creative (bosses' designs/abilities), well-balanced (challenging yet manageable), motivating (unlockable characters/items/abilities)and diverse (six playable characters/achievements/different game modes)! My only gripe is the lacking story.... Seems interesting but don't have time to test more. Paywall for the final character feels like a thumb in the eye on a paid game. I'd have sooner paid the same total amount up front. Otherwise great game..

I'm a fan of the meteorfall World, looking forward for more stuff from this dev! 5/5. It's just not as good of a game as the first. By being a deck building game, the first forced the developer to balance the game well. This is a weird deck based grid game? It seems lazy, it takes the balance burden off of the developer and puts it on the player.. Great developers and game. Fun game.. Please keep adding new contents, I will buy them all 🙂 nice work devs..

Well worth the price, I got 20-30 hours out of it over the course of a month. The different characters all play in unique ways, there's tons of cards to try out, and it's well balanced. Really difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it's addicting. The only character I wasn't a fan of was Rose, as I felt her kit didn't work together in a straightforward way. Lagging while my other heavier games are not.. This game is amazing, the animations, the sounds, everything's great. It really shows the dedication and the amount of work that went into it.. Quality production values. Would be nice if one could skip the combat animations. Drags down pacing of the game.. Excellenct. Very addictive once you get into it. Can be somewhat frustrating when a single mistake lands you in a fatal situation that you cannot get out of intact, but a great game..

Sooo GOooooD. Easy to pick up and learn, very fun to play. I love the music, art, voice acting, plus there's surprisingly strategy once you get the hang of it.. Meteorfalls was great but it didn't have a ton of replayability, one afternoon every few weeks. This is more of a direct rip off of other games than an inspired iteration like it's predecessor and significantly higher cost. It's not bad but not really good either. I won't be taking risks on the developers games again since this game just feels like a lazy cash grab. Perhaps you should work smarter and not harder. Most of the hard work is what, trying to mimic adventure time's art style for that niche fanbase? When everything is overpriced it's hard to consider it anything but a cash grab, especially when there's more unique content in the predecessor. It doesn't even feel different from similar grid dungeon games.. One of the best games for mobile ever. What are the benefits of going onwards in Standard Mode with the button? Are there any new tiles unlocked, it looks like it's just for challenge?. Good game. It is quite frustrating that the beginning loadscreen is a character that you have to pay for..

An awesome roguelite deck-building puzzle game based more on using your resources efficiently than anything else. Has a lot in common with euro style boardgames. One of the best games on Android by far.. It is better than the original, but gets boring rather quickly.. I downloaded this game during an extended time in which I did not have my Gaming PC. I've never liked mobile gamea before and I have to say this is (as far as I'm concerned) a masterpiece of mobile gaming. Great congratulations to the devs.. Great addictive game with well thought strategies and a funny aspect.. Great expansion of the Meteorfall universe! It's got loads of content, and the game keeps getting better, with tweaks, new characters, and now, Boss runs in the Daily Challenges. One thing you need in Android, though - a functioning "back" button. Many thanks for the links to additional resources and help..

Great follow up to Meteor fall. Surprisingly fun!. Awesome. Well worth it. I really don't like the new grid system. It's just not very fun. Also, I feel like it's a slap in the face to pay such a high price for the game and then practically the first thing you see is that you need to pay even more to access one of the classes.... Fun card gane.

Incredible card dungeon game. Lots of replay ability with the main mode, but the added daily challenges are always really well designed. They have a good grasp on how to manage this game as far as hosting different modes offering a variety of gameplay without inconsistency or tax. The core gameplay isn't anything new as far as card dungeons go but this team always has a knack for instead of reinventing the wheel,just getting rid of excess and sticking to the good stuff. It's all good stuff here.. Misleading. This is their 2nd card game I've bought. I was happy to pay the money for 4 this game. Cause you always get everything. The hunter is a paid character. I don't mind if the game was more. As long as it included everything. This is their way of testing the waters. To see if they can sell the game. Them in game add ons. Very disappointing. Again. I don't mind paying for a game. As support to the developers. But adding in game content to buy. I Never support those companies.. Fun, challenging and easy to get into. The best game for a mobile phone so far. Excellent game that's well worth the price. Doesn't try to nickel and dime you like most mobile games: for $7 you get tons of content and hours of infinitely replayable deckbuilding / strategy gameplay. They've expanded the game with more free content since launch, plus an additional paid character that adds several more hours of new gameplay for just $2. If you like deckbuilding games and want to support developers who create fun mobile games at a fair price, absolutely buy this game.. Another home-run for Meteorfall!.

Enjoyable and great are, but buggy and needs a bit too much luck. Definitely recommend though. Really liked the first game, this game has some refinements but I found it took a lot more luck to win - and that was frustrating for longer runs. Explorer mode is nice. A fair number of bugs too, especially with the tombstones.. Great game.. This is a great game but having to pay for extra characters on a paid game is to much. More microtransactions! Good game but after paying for it you still have to pay for more characters. Thanks for the microtransactions I will be getting a refund.. This is nothing like the first meteorfall which is pretty disappointing. I do enjoy the game a bit for what it is but I was really hoping for a meteorfall 2. I can only hope that the devs add more dynamic gameplay to this because it's pretty bare as it is..

When you pay $$ for a game and they release new characters you have to pay more $$ to play you feel cheating. I hope you get 1 star review bombed for this stunt.. The RNG is really well done to make each session different and more challenging but the game relies more on strategy than just getting lucky with the rng, beautiful artwork, challenging gameplay, good progresssion, this is well worth the 10$ purchase.. Works really well with the S Pen!. Great game, I really enjoy the challenge of making each hero work. I'm not enthused about having to pay $2 for a new hero though with the already steep initial price.. Game is good but for the high cost of entry and pushing out new characters that cost money already it's rubbing me the wrong way.

This is not a traditional deck builder like Meteorfall or Slay the Spire. It is, however, a great game that treads new grounds for the genre. It's a work of passion and innivation and beautifully executed. Give it a chance!. Fantastic game for those who like strategic boardgames (think Dominion). Also submitted a bug report and got an immediate response+fix. Devs care about their games and it shows.. The game is well designed and addictive. I spent a lot of time in it. The only disadvantage is that it may be a bit simplistic. And also doesn't save the progress to the cloud, thus the progress is lost when you reinstall it.. -1 star since I cant see hiw many gems i have blocked by the s10e selfie cam embedded in the screen. Not the devs fault tho..

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