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In a previous issue, I mentioned that I played Metro 2033but didn’t talk much about the experience, so sit back, make some tea or whatever, and we’ll begin…

But before starting, I want to touch on a topic that everyone has been talking about for 3 days. Of course, I will not clearly express my position, but I will only say one thing: take care of each other. If there is anything help someone – helpif you need help – ask for help. I really hope that both countries will reconcile in the future, well, and we are starting.

Imagine the following scene: at night (about 2 hours), you are alone in the room, you launch an unfamiliar first-person shooter in the hope of taking a break from a hard day’s work, but instead of relaxing, you get a triple dose of fear and sad feelings from a rotten one, through nuclear strikes, peace. And the pumping soundtrack, performed on an acoustic guitar, makes you think about the frailty of human existence. About his recklessness and absolute carelessness about others. This is how he meets you Metro 2033. And I would not say that this is bad, because at the moment not all games can catch up with such feelings and atmosphere from what is happening on the screen.

And if in Fallout the atmosphere is catching up due to the stories of the announcer about what happened and the dialogues with the characters, then the situation here is fundamentally different. Here, in the metro, you are shown a complete picture of what is happening in the Moscow metro. The conversations of the characters in the kitchen, the queues in the hospital, the decoration of the room – all this shows the state of the world at the time the player arrives, and you understand that something needs to be changed, otherwise everyone will die, it is at this moment that the “savior” of the subway comes – Hunter, a man , whom everyone trusts, the former marine, and now a warrior of the Sparta group, saving everyone indiscriminately, because if not them, then who? And at the moment when the main character Artyom goes towards the hero, they appear – the Blacks (this is not a hint of a race, if anything!), Destroying everything and everyone in their path, after meeting with them, many go crazy, while others have their guts peeking out. Not even a Spartan can stop them. They are like a shadow, no one sees them, but everyone knows about them. It was then that Artyom decides that if they want to live, they must destroy this threat, destroy it at any cost … This is the goal of our protagonist for the rest of the game. Avenge Hunter, save your own VDNH and destroy all blacks in your path.

METRO 2033 After 8 years…

And here is Black! The one on the right, if anything …

And here I would like to finish with the plot and move on to other aspects of this (I’m not afraid of this word) masterpiece of game development. I will go straight to the basis of all games – the gameplay and the setting.

Of course, the main parameter in the shooter is shooting. And here I break the chain, because here everything is at the highest level. Weapons, as I said in the later / (retro) dawn, are not cardboard homemade products from the Troom-Troom Canal. Of course, there are some flaws, for example, a very small variety of weapons, which disappears replay value in the choice of weapons, since here they are very similar to each other, even there is only one pistol, and then a revolver, although it must be said that there is a system for modifying their guns. You can put a night vision sight or a large magazine – the choice is yours and after all, but this affects the gameplay as a whole. You can go purely on stealth (hello to Splinter Cell fans), or you can go to the dressing with a Kalash at the ready (hello to Stalker fans). Personally, I went through this and that so that my opinion would be as detailed as possible, otherwise my criticism would be unfounded. In principle, this series of games has problems with stealth, but this is very noticeable only in the second part of the Last light series, where stealth is not only possible, but it is necessary in order not to accidentally kill anyone and not get a bad ending. However, there is no such feature in the original. Personally, in my first few visits, I went through the game on a grand scale and, with the boombox turned on, drove into the bandit station and shouted “For Sparta!” drenched everyone he saw.

By the way, about replay value. I immediately remembered the hardcore mode in Fallout and decided to look for something similar in Metro. And you know what? Found. But here, with the difficulty levels, everything is a little better than in other games. There is no simple division into: very easy, easy, normal, and so on. In this game, you are first given a choice: either you play in normal mode with the interface turned on and do not count ammo, you just go through the game, or we turn off the interface for you, make the enemies not only stronger, but smarter, and also make everything a little more expensive and much less often meeting. Thus, the game becomes not only more difficult in terms of enemies, but here you still have to think “but will I stretch it to the next station? Do I have enough first aid kits and ammo? Of course, you can just loot the enemies, but the amount of ammo and first-aid kits that you find from them will not save you. And here you have to either save or play smart, that is, plan an attack. What cover will you choose? What is the style of play? How exactly are you going to attack? You can list forever, but it will take me 5 hours, so we go to the station “Setting”

What post-apocalyptic games do we know? Stalker, Fallout, Horizon and so on. All of the games listed have a “post-apocalyptic” line in the “genres” column, but the same genre does not mean the same setting. And here the Metro clearly stands out from the rest, as you are transferred to a place well known in real life, introduced to people who are similar to your friends or neighbors, show situations that are so close to your heart. And in contrast to the positive nature of the game, there is a side with dark, mutant-infested, tunnels of the Moscow metro. Library them. Lenin, which scares the hell out of its inhabitants, and many more missions and locations can show a deadly horror, from which goosebumps will run through the skin and sit there until the end of the game. We just need to remember the moment in D6, when the main character Artyom leaves the squad for a short time due to a breakdown of the pressure gate. The sound of water dripping from the ceiling, the spiders ready to kill you, the rooms of the old Soviet bunker create an atmosphere that you have never experienced before.

And what is the result? Artwork by Dmitry Glukhovsky “Metro 2033”, which formed the basis of the game, certainly did its job. Attracted the players and set the atmosphere for a further series of games. As for the cast of voice actors, I generally keep silent. He’s gorgeous. That the Ukrainian TV presenter Grigory German, who plays the role of Ulman, who previously uttered the phrases of bandits from the same Stalker as Melnik or Khan. They are all superbly voiced, but it’s worth noting that 4A Games has called few people to voice secondary characters, which makes it feel like there is only one girl on the station, and this hits the atmosphere a lot.

METRO 2033 After 8 years…

How I love Sparta… Here they are from left to right: Boris, Melnik and the best character in the game Ulman!

My rating for this game 9.2/10. I will put all the pros and cons over I.

I spent quite a lot of time talking about the atmosphere and the story, because they are excellent here. Surely many will agree with me. The gameplay here is also not bad for a shooter of that time (that time is 2010), but there are gaps with the rest. Although I said that the gameplay is not bad, but it has its own problems: for example, a small variety of weapons. There are only a couple of shotguns, machine guns and only one pistol. Yes, they can be improved, but how much does it change? You can put a silencer on a shotgun, but it’s still a shotgun with low accuracy, ammo and rate of fire, but the damage is high, while the machine is the opposite. It’s small details like this that make the game feel down, despite the excellent shooting sensitivity in general. With voice acting, as I said, there are a few problems, as well as small illogicalities in the plot, which were explained in the book, but this can be attributed to the impossibility of working out some locations on the game engine.

And again a message from the Ministry of Health in my blog: listen here, my children, this game is good. I would recommend playing it without any hesitation. Therefore, in no case should you say why do you advise me to do this, if you say that it is not good everywhere? I will answer your question, my young friend. Because there are no ideal things in our world. Brawl Stars is no exception, and therefore this game deserves your attention. And to the immortals in the gaming industry, I will only say one thing: you will see or hear a person who has nothing to play, remind him of the Metro.

Let me remind you that the purpose of my blog is to remind or tell people about games that they might have missed on the background of new products, but which are worth playing. After all, the game is somewhat similar to the books that we were forced to read, so I want to eradicate some gaming illiteracy among newcomers to this area. It’s time for me to go, because if we want to live, we must destroy this threat … Destroy at any cost, understand?

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