APK - Updated on January 17, 2023

In Miami, a rumor boomed that a new notorious criminal had appeared, who was rampant and actively gaining momentum in the criminal business. Welcome to the sunny coast! The action of the game Miami crime simulator takes place on the sunny coast. The news of your appearance has excited all sectors of society and now the cops are eager to catch and put you behind bars, and the crime bosses are looking forward to the moment when they can send you to feed the fish. But don’t be afraid of any of them. At your disposal and the truth is the most cruel man on the coast. By managing it, you have to thin out the criminal community and bring a huge income to the city cemetery by establishing a constant supply of new customers. Choose a weapon that you like, steal any vehicle that catches your eye and start to rage with renewed vigor. Crush, kill, blow up and destroy. Who said people don’t fly? Jump into a helicopter and attack from the air, or vice versa – steal a tank, and firmly pressed to the ground, confidently break through the crowds of bandits and cops. And the air is not nice to you, and the land is tired? Steal the cruiser! Well, why trifle then. Go wild, scare the local clowns who call themselves the authorities of the criminal world, terrify the corrupt “pharaohs”, become the king of the underworld!

Miami Crime Simulator  MOD APK (God Mode) 3.0.0

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