News - Updated on March 30, 2022

Against the backdrop of absorption Activision Blizzard the public and government agencies have a number of questions about Microsoft. Therefore, the corporation published the “Principled App Store Approach”. In short, Microsoft promised that she would not forcibly tie either games or developers to their platforms.

Today, there are too many obstacles between developers and players. App store rules and practices on mobile limit what creators can offer in games, as well as how users can play them.

Our huge contribution to the acquisition Activision Blizzard further strengthens our determination to remove these obstacles, as creators and gamers want. We want world-class content to be easily accessible to gamers across all platforms. We want to encourage innovation and investment in content creation, and reduce distribution restrictions.

Simply put, the world needs open marketplaces for applications. And for this you need open app stores. The principles we are announcing today reflect our commitment to this cause.

Principles Microsoft relate to stores, and games, and partners. The list of principles is quite long, so we will reduce everything to the most important points:

  • The corporation promises equal conditions for all applications – that is, the corporation’s programs will not receive dishonest advantages (for example, in promotion in the storefront).

  • Developers will be able to use their own payment methods, even if the application is downloaded through the store Microsoft.

  • All developers must comply with security standards, and consumers will be able to control their private data that is used in stores Microsoft.

  • The company again assured that it was not going to restrict the distribution of programs on Windows – users will be able to install third-party products and application stores, forcibly drive them into the “side” from Microsoft will not.

The new principles of openness will be applied in the “next generation game store”. It is not clear from the text whether Microsoft another service with an eye on games or has in mind the already existing Microsoft Store.

Finally, the principles of openness apply to Activision Blizzard:

We want to make it clear that Microsoft will continue to produce Call of Duty and other popular franchises Activision Blizzard on PlayStation under agreements with Activision. Moreover, we strive to ensure that these games are released on PlayStation without agreements, so that fans Sony further continued to enjoy the games they love. We are interested in taking the same steps to support the most successful platform Nintendo. We believe this is the right thing to do for the industry, gamers and our business.

Let us note that Microsoft Surely there will be some exclusives from Activision Blizzard, but it does not seem to be a mass phenomenon. In addition, a corporation can lure users over to its side with indirect benefits: for example, if the next Call of Duty will be released on all platforms, but will also be available in Game Pass or at least offer unique bonuses.

The principles of openness still have limitations. As explains Microsoft, Xbox consoles were created in a special environment where devices are sold at a loss and compensate for this with deductions for purchases in the built-in store. In the near future, Xbox One and Xbox Series will not be able to implement third-party payment systems. However, the corporation intends to “close the gaps” under this rule somewhere in the future.

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