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Might & Magic: Dynasty is an addictive mobile strategy game set in the amazing fantasy world of Auchan. Explore and conquer it as you control your faction with brute force and incredible magical powers. Hire brave heroes to conquer new lands and expand the possessions of your dynasty. Forge alliances with other lords of these magical lands and become even more powerful. Large-scale turn-based battles are waiting for all fans of the genre: plan your moves, form an army of units according to their abilities, distribute funds efficiently and manage the kingdom wisely, enjoying the wide range of game features.

Might & Magic: Dynasty
 Codes Wiki (2023 January) 1.0.17
All Codes Expiration date
1UEAIB597MP February 22, 2023
F17J3D9RAN February 19, 2023
1UFEHQNB6 January 9, 2023
U41P2F57HA9 February 4, 2023
XCHQFMAETUIO January 12, 2023
82VG019NWUT January 1, 2023
NGLYREDH8VQ January 10, 2023
VNQSGP0E1M February 4, 2023
D3SV8ZLU6 February 5, 2023
QDT1LP9GKZE January 1, 2023
B3UZ4VT8CL6N January 1, 2023
JQ4FX82GB0K January 10, 2023

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