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Overlook boring battles! With quite a few maps and monsters that appear in one other approach every time you play, there’s solely time for satisfaction! Bosses with quite a few assault patterns are prepared for you! Do you assume you might beat them? Navy AND fantasy? The distinctive world of Milicola is yours for the taking! Assortments of navy weapons and outfits alongside cute pets and helpful dragons. Purchase all of them now!

Milicola The Lord of Soda Mod APK 1.1.7

The game is good plese remove adds. Nice little gacha collector game with grind mechanics. The sound doesnt work and the cash shop descrptions are misleading, i feel like i got scammed by this game and developer.. Should have difficulty level for controls. Rogue like Game, each game beginning from lv 1 again. DAWINSTONE! my best developer,all the games he made are good but I don't know what happened to this one.... it's bad to me.

It's actually a pretty good roguelite. I'm not saying B2B Extinction was bad, but this is way more entertaining.. Direct descendent of the old b2b games, aside from no weapon customization it's worth putting your money into. I Love this game and the ones before it, Awesome job again devs.. Decent game but I wish it offers more cosmetics and gameplay changes like new skills and passives.. Great game man keep up the good work man I enjoyed the experience . last update really mess things hp bar? weap dmg drop?.

Cool game and it has challenging boses. The reason for one star is because I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a response from you to email but never seen any type response if you want more stars then please start responding to my email or you get nothing from I getting through to you I sure hope so. Pretty similar to bad2bad, love the character designs, but yeah, gets boring after a few days. Garbage. 89% dodging bullets. 10% holding down shoot button. 1% panicking at the end of every stage because theres just loot all over the place and you have 15 seconds to min-max or the items dissapear forever.. There's a reason bullet hell games are vertical only, but otherwise a nice grindy game to pass time.

the game is fun but it could use more modes and better sounds. so far i haven't faced any problems no crashes or glitches. i hoping for new content in the future. Good game for timepass. This game was like Subway surfer,candy crush etc. Amazing game , love the art style. Been playing your games for a while. The audio cuts off could you fix that, I will update my review then. Pls add multiplayer mode And can you add an easy way to get mana dust?. The guns all shoot the same after the update.What happened????.

no character progress... always start from beginning, not fun. This game is unplayable on V23e always result in crashing app. Seems pretty fun so far, but please don't make the game auto advance in a couple of seconds whenever you clear a stage. Sometimes you end up with gear lying around the map and you get no chance to properly check the stats before you're already automatically brought to the next stage. It's really annoying.. Very fun game, but I need to know, what in the heck mana dust does? I can't use it as currency nor can I use it to upgrade stuff, tutorial may told me but I forgot but I am still curious on how I can use it. This is the greatest game ever. The grachics are good and the characters too!! But the only thing is its always lagging and i cant even fix it the controls are hard to fix so i put it in low quality but also a great game..

Game itself is fine (cookie cutter, but playable) but what is with all these games having Nazi guns and uniforms? For REaLisM? In a game about being a cartoon woodland creature who fights cacti and mushroom men over soda? Would cost you nothing to leave out the fascist fanboy fan service fap-off, but y'all had to hold that hill. At least in games where you fight Nazis, it makes sense for it to be there, but you went out of your way to squeeze in some Nazi cosplay. Super tactful.. Galaxy S21 ultra here, never had a problem with a game off of Google play store until I tried to download this hunk of garbage. It's not even optimization, it just crashes before it can even load the start screen. Instantly crashes on Galaxy s21 ultra. good game but long range/radius guns has a blindspot on screen .. maybe fixed zoom based on gun equiped . This a a action rouge like shooter game.

Cute chars. Cute concept. Wild game. Honestly, what brilliance lead to this masterpiece of fun?. Its full of fun . I love it. Optimisation is bad as hell. Even on the low settings getting 5 FPS. In a 2d game. With no awesome effects and graphics.. I really like this game. The play style and the progression, as well as having the set up of live stream makes it really engaging and entertaining. My only drawback with it is the controls. Sometimes they can be unresponsive when I'm trying to use them. For instance, when trying to dodge, I have to really rapid-tap the command in order for it to work. It's the same with reloading, selecting a class when leveling up, and using some of the interface buttons in the main menu. Good game though.. Quite good and quite boring. Repitive gameplay without improvement.

Like the game a lot keep up the cool vibes devs. It's a beautiful looking game it's just not the type of game I'm into. Best I hope you have more games. Right now 1 * due to game crashing right after the "made with unity" screen. Something is wrong, game keeps crashing. Was working fine earlier, cleared cache and also uninstalled and reinstalled and still keeps crashing. Huge fan of B2B Extinction. Need some help here guys !. Fun game, hard to move up the levels so I recommend slowly but steady buy upgrade your stats and only buy chests when you have enough coins to spend. Wish there was more interaction and maybe learn how all the characters interact with each other. Like a mini movie. Including Pan. Haven't finished playing bad 2 bad extinction yet. So I wonder what happen to him between then and now. And other stuff..

This game really good but had a bug where control is glitch up and down repeatly, btw pls add daily mission and more game mode like boss rush, domination, defend from enemies, and Coop with player really sounds fun tho I just hope you guys add this feature then the game will be add more reason to seeking fun and continue play this game. A Very great game But could I asked something u might need to add such as BattlePass And Level And More character And a multiplayer.. in multiplayer I wish We gonna 5v5 and 1v1 And we can play together help each other in the Normal gamemore. and add more gameModes Please.. The game is not enjoyable, is overly frustrating right from the start. There are things left (intentionally) unexplained in the useless tutorial about how to equip newly gained equipment or or what certain things on the map are for. Overly grindy. If you are looking to have fun playing a game, better look someplace else.. The game is fun but you need to pay to get higher chest and have a legendary weapon. If you don't pay, you need to grind for too long get stronger.. Great game. Even though the music is kinda obnoxious, it's cool.

Me coming from the "B2B Series," this game gives me "B2B Extinction" vibes (The Camera View Mostly). The art is amazing, the characters are cool, and the enemies are balanced, except for the higher wave enemies and bosses. The game would be "better" is there were attachment options, preferably not hard to collect like in "B2B Extinction," an easier way to get higher rarity weapons rather than just buying them, and making the enemies and bosses easier to defeat. Other than that, great game. . Like the game would give it 4 or 5 stars but now it doesn't get pass the load screen anymore. Pls fix this so I fan play again.. Great game, i hope for more improvement, gear's, weapons, and character soon to make a better game experience. Awsome game this plays flawlessly. This is what mobile shooters should all feel like. Highly recommend this roguelike and it is very giving as far as items gold and other currency.. Fun but need a little more work but fun.

Omg I love the fact that this has a familiar character from b2b extinction and b2b delta omg. It's fun... A little clunky but still fun, should take at least a week or two before I get bored of this... Can't wait for B2B: Apocalypse, hope it releases soon. When upgrading ablities,why do they always reset when character is defeated and a new round is started? It makes it seem like I'm getting no where in the game. Enemies don't just stand still and are not easy to kill. You need those upgrades to kill them and progress. Haven't made it passed the second or third round. Why can't you use a weapon you've purchased instead of waiting to find it in battle? The game is okay, but it could be five stars.. This is one the best 2D games I've ever seen.. i had an issue with the sound. sometimes the sound feel like its far away, the sound get smaller and then it back to normal. and about 5 minutes its happen again.

Stopped being able to launch it after buying in game items.. It's nice game, but... The level are too long (especially the loading) also hope we can have checpoint (start from last time we died..not replaying from begining.... I love it fun thx happy new year . More characters pls And also local multiplayer 10 players. Great time killer game! But the gameplay is really sloppy, the character should move around steadily.

The game is good, fun, and enjoyable. The only problem is that it is laggy as heck even it is set in low graphics. And my device has 3.5GB of RAM. Pls fix this and ill give it 5 stars. Kinda pay to win, you can't progress that much without upgrades, soul Knight is way better because skills is all you need . Good Check on the way to get a chance to just be up yuh yuh know what you think you are a lot of people who are you ready for the first time in the world to me and my family and friends. Fun and Addictive game. Just wished commander pan and other B2B characters are playable (maybe as skins).. Good game. bug:blue screen after watching video for equipment crate...

Not bad, but i prefer B2B extinction.. Nice game. My only drawback is the fact I can't play with one hand in portrait mode. With grenades on auto and a swipe to roll command and touch to pick up items. Otherwise great game. But I'm uninstalling because of the landscape mode.. The game is just bullet hell. I don't enjoyed it a bit.. The game is very fun. It reminds me of minigore2 a bit in its layout, which is perfectly fine. It could easily have gotten a 5 but i am not in love with the characters response to the joystick. A little bit more responsive in the joystick and this is an easy 5.. Good game, but some chests dont open and good items are excessively grindy (they should be a bit grindy though).

Definitely a masterpwaste of time in a good way imo. not a bad little game, but aiming isnt great and unlocks dont mean much since you have to earn all weapons and armor and re level up in every new match.. The gameplay is SICK! Absolute blast to play. The fact that you unlock things each run and between runs that will pop up randomly during your matches is slick and the variety in how your runs play out widens with each unlock. Real good time in that regard. HOWEVER, Epic and Legendary gear are locked behind a pay-wall. You can only get them through paid lootboxes OR an insane amount of "Star Dust." Thanks for clearing up how to use it devs! I can't wait to see what you have in store!. Great game! very fun to play similar to B2B. Add new characters too. Pretty good game. But the skin are all so expensive..geez. 22 dollars for 1 skin? Really?.

I love the mix between brutal bullet-hell and chibi streaming. The gameplay is fun and the comments are silly, but the enemies are quite difficult. It gives me hope for mobile ganes of the future.. Omgggggg final you made a game for human not furryss!!! Lmao!!!! Thank you so much!!! But not gonna lie this is so lagg it is like 3frames per sec..... Heavily grind based with epic and legendary items completely paylocked. The fact you get random gear drops every time you play and have to start from stage 1 every time gives the distinct impression that you are just constantly restarting the game without making any actual progress. The random gear drop system each time you play with no way to really pick or keep gear makes the gameplay feel more like a slot-machine than anythng else. Boring, grindy, pointless.... Please add monsters and bosses in the collection to learn about and how many are killed.. Try it u might like it..

Nothing to say about this game... . The reason why I like it because the story telling and some of the characters I recognize from B2B.. Reminds me a lot of Fruity Realm but without the fun guns or cool perk system. Still a cool game though.. Great Game, (wanna ask something why i can't hit my enemy even my range is farther than its position?) [ME ==============='enemy'===)] "=" how far my range is. Looks fun and chill game, while It's challenging tho .

a great game, cute and very eye-catching... a bit bummer cause you can only get up to rare in rare chest(obviously), which the only chest that can be open using gold. quite grindy to unlock epic and legendary stuffs, but fortunately the game play is fun and enganging. so hard to get bored when playing it... the problem is our hit box. sometimes the bullet hit me even tho it not actually hit me, and sometime it just pass through without dodging it. other than that, its a great game.... Please more update like a guild,dungeon,title,upgrade weapon/enchance and battle pass season. awesome game and very fun and addictive. Hoping for sequel of b2d Extinction devs. hehe really like this type of game. Its a fun game it really is. But I preffer B2B series. Any word on that?. I'm having so much fun playing this game..... I hope B2B extinction would share the same shooting mechanic as this one.....

Love this game! Easy to play and extremly fun. Must try!. I never thought I would say the words "This mobile dev is something to keep up with." And holy hell, what a show they have going on. I'm coming from B2B, and after I played that, I don't think I've touched another game since. This is (kinda) the same story, and it looks like Pan was promoted again . Anyway, the mechanics, UI, tutorial, and overall vibe is comparable to a PC game. In summary: Get the game, and do so now, because there's little to lose, but a metric TON to gain.. Hey Mikey,I think he likes it!!!!. This game is way tooooo cute,but please,in my country Malaysia the in-app price is too expensive,also,please give us chance of watching unlimited ads to get gold instead of buying at store with real money..........please,unlimited ads for coins to watch instead of two ads per day. Coming from the Devs that made B2B extinction. This is a real good game and a good time waster.

level 5 is hard. Don't pay if you can't pass lv.5 drop rate is very bad.. Pretty fun, if I could create a character would be perfect. This is good, can't wait for more future update, great work dev!. There should be shop for every round ingame that you can buy from like and view I can't reliable on random weapon drop. Since the day that making this game i know that it would be awesome juat like their previous games like b2b extinction and delta.... This gamea waa so awesome and finally its here... Kudos guys see you in the future updates...

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