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The only survival game that has been recreated with such beautiful cartoon style graphics. Download Milk chocolate – online FPS for android is necessary for thrill-seekers, because there are an infinite number of such in the game. There are quite a lot of different characters selected here, and each of them has its own personal abilities and characteristics, which the player will have to get acquainted with in order to use it later in business. Take part in large-scale online fights on different arenas, where hundreds of players from all over the world face each other, but only one remains alive. You should try to become this one and take the main award.

Milk Chocolate – Online FPS
 Gift Codes 2022 October 1.29.0
All Codes Expiration date
FJBPZGWA7V1 November 9, 2022
BSXZ03OJKC November 17, 2022
IUHCQTG8D December 3, 2022
SXGNFYVIOL2 October 29, 2022
2O03IHWUJDS5 November 5, 2022
0HUMWLOQ3G4 November 11, 2022
WQEOFCR9PZ4 November 10, 2022
4CPK0DSIZB November 26, 2022
X6S7PFKJA November 7, 2022
RPXTAU6HJ3N November 28, 2022
CH0W4ZT5GJBK November 28, 2022
MWVO49E637A November 20, 2022

Those who decide to download Milk Chocolate – online FPS for Android and take part in competitive battles will learn about the mass of possibilities:

  • Simple touch control, using the joystick on the screen;
  • A wide variety of funny characters, among which is your hero;
  • Large-scale arsenal of different weapons and special gadgets to improve them;
  • Economical operation of the game and small size on a mobile phone;
  • Several stunning 3D locations where the battle will take place;
  • Global multiplayer mode with hundreds of players in one arena.

A hundred warriors and only one survivor in Milk Chocolate – Online FPS Get ready for fierce battles for the title of the best in this universe. The player has the opportunity to choose in which mode the competition and this shooter will take place. You can play in arcade mode, survival or any other. Each mode is very different features and features that the player will be able to use. Get as many upgrades as possible for your hero in order to have an advantage over rivals in each next war. You will be dropped off at one of the locations without weapons, which means you need to explore the island as quickly as possible and find it.

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