Game Mobile - Updated on June 24, 2022

Mini Football is a game with colorful 3D graphics, an easy control system for a standard simulator, and pleasant background music that helps you instantly immerse yourself in an exciting game atmosphere.

Tải Mini Football (MOD, Dumb Enemy/Chạy cực nhanh) 1.7.9

The gameplay is a classic example of managing a football team of eleven small animated athletes with big heads who run around a small football field. The player can take control of each player during the match and actively act on the field, defeating opponents and reaching new heights at the pinnacle of sportsmanship.

Tải Mini Football (MOD, Dumb Enemy/Chạy cực nhanh) 1.7.9

The plot of Mini Football is quite simple and is the usual passage of levels with a gradual increase in difficulty on the way to the final clash with the strongest team in the game. With each new level, the player will have to develop their reflexes and come up with new tactics on the go to achieve success, otherwise, the opponents will easily smash your group without unnecessary difficulties. For completing story missions, they give many different rewards and open access to previously closed elements of the game that were blocked by the story or without donations.

Tải Mini Football (MOD, Dumb Enemy/Chạy cực nhanh) 1.7.9

In addition to the classic sports matches in the story, there is also a multiplayer mode with friends and training for inexperienced players. For those who like to change the design of game characters, a large selection of different sets of uniforms is presented, where you can change T-shirts, names, socks, shorts, boots, balls, and logos at your discretion. The money mod will provide you with a huge amount of unlimited game currency that you can spend on instantly upgrading your team and unlocking access to all parts of the game for an easier game process.

Download ( V1.7.9 )
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