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You should definitely see the amazing battles of the little titans. To do this, you just need to download Mini-titans for android and lead the main character Robin. This young but very smart guy loves to fight and seek rewards for his work. Under his leadership will be the most diverse types of titans in the form of figures. All of them will participate in fantastic battles. Use role-playing elements to change the story in your favor. Try not to give concessions to your rivals, otherwise the prize will not go to you. Having assembled a powerful fighting team, the player will try to win the tournament every day. The game deserves great attention, because it is made in a very beautiful graphics and has a lot of features. If you download Mini-titans for android, the player will have access to a huge selection of a wide variety of figurines from the titans. Having assembled a surprisingly dangerous team, the player will take part in battles against other collectors with it. Constantly look at the scale of combat training and use the special techniques and abilities of your warriors. Learn to switch between warriors in a timely manner and use amazing abilities. Up to 3 warriors can take part in one team at the same time. Fantastic battle of figurines In total, the game contains more than 70 collectible figurines with their own unique abilities. This includes a huge number of popular warriors that everyone dreamed about, but now they can use them. In addition to collecting, you need to be able to upgrade the abilities of your figures so that they become more powerful and faster. Check out the shops to see if there are any new heroes. A long road to greatness lies ahead. We’ll have to try to defeat all opponents and finally fight with the champion. Only if the crown is taken away from him will it be possible to head the list of leaders.

mini titans
 Codes Wiki (2023 January) 1.2.7
All Codes Expiration date
A4KHWC0V82E February 28, 2023
IZ17MYED4X February 19, 2023
VOJWQTL67 January 29, 2023
IGTWFJPNRQB January 15, 2023
CTR5314GFSXU January 14, 2023
MWIKHZ754X8 January 24, 2023
YWLTJ0NRK53 February 11, 2023
R2M3VUKYLF January 5, 2023
TG4376MRA January 15, 2023
2Y7OPDM4LA5 February 23, 2023
JV4KNCQ3U97O February 26, 2023
VFTOEGKA1D6 February 23, 2023

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