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Studio Crows Crows Crows picked up the industry trend for extensive accessibility settings and introduced The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe a bunch of options for people with different needs. The developers talked about some of the subtleties in their thread.

Next – gifs and screenshots with comments Crows Crows Crows.

There are tons of dialogues in the game, for which, of course, there are subtitles. Fonts can be changed from very small to very large, plus you can set the transparency of the background. We’ve also changed the clunky font to one that’s easier to read.

For the sake of localizations, we decided to go further than usual and added translation plates. You will see flying signs next to critical labels. This can be enabled in English as well, so you can read the larger text alternative when needed. Labels can be customized in the same way as subtitles.

We replaced the in-game text with meshes in important places to keep the letters crisp and easy to read. All these new text objects are also fully localized. In this picture – we are fixed in the museum ending, only in German! [Бонус от — титры в музейной концовке на русском.]

Control! The game uses the classic layout with mouse and WASD. Both the keyboard and gamepad buttons are fully customizable.

Some moments in the game require very specific button presses. If you enable simplified controls, the game will count for pressing more buttons on the keyboard and gamepad.

If you play with a mouse, you can turn on walking with one hand. Automatic walking starts when you press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time. Most of the game can be played with one hand. Between ourselves, we called it “coffee mode.” And yes, we cut this idea from World of Warcraft.

There is a moment in the game when you have to choose between the red and blue doors. Some people have trouble seeing these colors due to visual difficulties, so we’ve introduced a setting that adds the name of the color to the door.

In the Ultra Deluxe audio settings, you can separately adjust the volume of the Narrator, music, and sound effects. If you don’t want to listen to this loud Brit, just mute him completely. (He will scream continuously, but you will not hear it.)

Some of the game’s episodes deal with themes of suicide, trauma, and mental health issues. You can turn on a warning: it will appear before a similar episode and allow you to skip it completely. The game will count these endings as completed, and you can progress further as usual.

Crows Crows Crows added that she is already working on at least two additional settings – the constant display of the crosshair on the screen (for those who can get motion sickness) and slowing down time in episodes where a quick reaction is required (for example, at the doors in the ending with the capsule escape). The studio drew attention to these issues thanks to comments from the community. Therefore, developers are encouraged to talk about their difficulties either in emails or through bug reports (even if you want to suggest an accessibility setting, not report a bug).

The authors The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe thanked accessibility specialist Ian Hamilton and the game team disc roomwhich two years ago also told in a separate thread about settings for people with disabilities.

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