News - Updated on March 30, 2022

Military shooters are often called a propaganda tool. As a rule, such judgments are erroneous: even Call of Duty primarily designed to entertain (and generate income), nothing more. There are, however, exceptions, among which for a long time there was a free-to-play thriller America’s Army. It was created with the support of the US Army with taxpayer money, and for many years it demonstrated to the youth (and not only) America’s military power. However, it appears that this will soon come to an end.

On the official forum, the developers announced the closure America’s Army: Proving Grounds, the most relevant part of the somewhat scandalous series. For the PS4 version, this actually means death (with a couple of reservations), while on Steam the game will somehow continue to eke out an existence.

After eight years of hard fighting, we say goodbye to Chervenia and withdraw our troops. May 5, 2022 we end support America’s Army: Proving Grounds and disable its official servers. All online features on the PlayStation Network will also be disabled.

In short: Proving Grounds will be removed from public access on the PlayStation Network (nothing is said about the Steam page), but if the game is already in the library, it will remain there forever. After the “death” in the console version, only offline modes will work, and on the PC it will be possible to create private servers and make your own missions in the editor. Official site America’s Army will also undergo noticeable changes – the login function, statistics and “other resources” will disappear. What is this if not death?

Thanks to everyone who played America’s Army: Proving Grounds and thank you to those who have played so far. The servers are still running, so we encourage you to go into battle with your brothers in arms and continue the mission before it’s too late.

Interestingly, the series’ official Twitter message is somewhat more optimistic. In any case, the team claims that it has already taken on “innovative new ways to help the army”, looks to the future with hope and asks fans to wait for upcoming announcements.

America’s Army – one of the oldest multiplayer action games of the XXI century. The first part of the series was released in 2002 and from the very release was criticized by the public for its active (if not shameless) propaganda of the US Army. Debuted in 2013 Proving Grounds – The last episode of the series. In 2018, on the official forums, one of the developers stated that the team was already working on America’s Army 5however, there has been no news of the project since.

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