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The ingenious “bagel” Darkest Dungeon today is one of those games (along with Diablo, FTL and Dark Souls), the imitation of which at times raises interest in the project. Another question is that it is as easy to meet this level as to complete Darkest Dungeon the first time and without a single death. Did the authors of Mistover succeed?

But we will go a dangerous path through the fog

As in almost all such games, a terrible catastrophe has occurred in the world of Mistover – in this case, it is the mystical Whirlwind, which once already existed, and now has returned, spawned monsters and threatens to destroy humanity. To fight it, a special corps was created, whose fighters must make sorties into the very foggy center of the Whirlwind in order to uncover its secrets – and, of course, stop all this disgrace.

That’s just the fighters of this special squad are all completely big-eyed boys and girls, who are called “loli” in anime jargon. However, no hentai or even fan service – the guys fight hard, while funny shouting something in Japanese.

The situation is complicated by the fact that we have limited time. The clock is ticking – and the more monsters, unopened chests and unfinished quests we leave during our expeditions, the closer is the Day of X, when doom becomes inevitable and the game ends.

Build Center

Forays, as expected, are made from the base, where there is everything for the heroes who decided to save the world – trading and alchemy shops (although they sell only potions and supplies, and we earn equipment as trophies), places where we hire new recruits and equip the old ones, improve, create or dismantle things, train fighters to learn new skills and pump over parameters common to the whole group (like food supplies for the squad or the total number of heroes to be hired).Mistover game review

The cutest characters squeezing teddy bears – it’s so anime!

There we receive and hand over quests. The missions, of course, are primitive – to explore 80% of the territory in such and such a location, to collect three colors for the alchemist in another, to kill five such and such monsters in the third … And the plot is very conditional. At some point, there may be no quests at all – go over and over again to the same locations, grind until you have the opportunity to kill the boss of the entire territory so that things finally move on. But for “bagels” all this is quite a normal practice and even almost a tradition.

Watch your food, be careful!

The gameplay itself is also quite traditional, although not without a twist. We do sorties, completing quests, grinding money, resources and equipment. But in Mistover, doing this for as long as in the same Darkest Dungeon and many other “bagels” simply won’t work because of the aforementioned (very tough) time limit.

And to extend it, you need to do everything very competently and economically. First of all, move quickly around the map, spending as little food as possible on it – each cell passed through the territory devours a certain supply of it. When the food runs out, the squad will begin to lose health. And when the supply of light runs out, we will begin to see less around us – up to immersion in complete darkness.

It is possible and necessary to replenish both resources by finding pins on the map (and special flowers to replenish light), as well as using pre-purchased consumables. But you also run the risk of falling into a trap or not finding anything at all. Or run into impassable rocks. Or facing particularly powerful monsters.

Mistover game review

What is anime without funny pets?

Watch where you’re going

For the fastest movement, you need to choose a ronin as the leader of the squad – this class can make quick dashes to many cells in different directions. Other classes have their own abilities, used specifically when moving around the map. And all of them are more or less useful – someone blesses the group, someone knows how to open “points of interest” in a certain radius, hide from monsters or teleport away from them. But it is the skill of the ronin that I would call the key.

Also, as I wrote above, you need to kill as many monsters as possible, open as many chests as possible using the keys found. And it is better to immediately complete all the tasks on the map. It is equally important to find the exit portal before food supplies run out and the party is in a situation where they just need to run away. In the latter case, you will save people and at least part of what you have acquired through overwork, but the pendulum of the fatal clock will swing very strongly, and then you will have to start the quest from the beginning.

Therefore, competent planning of your movement is very important here. Although it is difficult – there is a “fog of war” and elements of chance, which in Mistover, as in any “bagel”, cannot be avoided. You can wander around the location in search of a way out or quest items/monsters/characters until you have used up all your supplies, and not find something useful in chests and stash, and on another entry into the same territory, you will find everything almost immediately and under your nose. Well at least there is a normal map.

Combine it!

The battles, as you already understood, are generally built in the style of Darkest Dungeon, but even here there were some nuances. Heroes stand opposite each other and on their turn attack, use skills, objects, go to the defense (block) or try to escape from the battlefield. In addition to the ronin, there are funny little witches, sisters of mercy, paladins, assassins, werewolves and even a Grim Reaper with a huge scythe.Mistover game review

The control uses only the keyboard.

It is clear that different combat roles and abilities are available to different classes. Someone heals, someone cripples, supports and so on. But also everyone has their own super skills that work only when there is a fighter of a certain class nearby (in front or behind). And it is very important for us to select and adjust the formation of the party in such a way that there are as many such combinations as possible.

And the enemies, in turn, love to randomly move our wards across the battlefield with their attacks – we have to waste time getting everything back as it was and after the battle climb into the formation window and change it again. Also, all classes have mana or accumulated energy charges that are spent on basic skills. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to use a block to accumulate this energy.

Не Darkest Dungeon

All this, on the one hand, is interesting, but on the other hand, it really drags out the battles, which in Mistover are still less interesting and more drawn out than in the same DD.

Messing around with equipment and pumping wards here is also not so exciting (I’m not talking about the lack of psychological trauma and features of the heroes). Having received the level, we go to the training center, where we learn new things for money or improve the active combat skill. The higher the level of the ability, the more gold and skill points are required to upgrade it. Also for coins they are allowed to learn passive skills.

The only interesting thing here is that in one passage some skills are immediately available to your paladin or witch, and in another they are not, others are open. And those (often more useful) will be allowed to study only if there is someone on the roster of fighters who knows them. That is, “random” is present here.

Keys, chests, and equipment come in a variety of colors and rarities.


While overall Mistover is definitely inferior to Darkest Dungeon, I would praise and recommend this game to fans of the genre. It is able to drag out, and the time limit does not allow turning the passage into an almost endless grind – this is very important. Yes, and Mistover looks chic. But here’s the price… 1,699 rubles on Steam? But. The ratio of price and quality in this case is clearly not positive. Therefore, to be honest, I would not buy Mistover for my money.

Pros: overall competent gameplay; you feel your own style, in which cute characters are combined with a harsh atmosphere; unique classes; beautiful art design with an anime twist.

Cons: the gameplay is still not deep enough; protracted battles; few classes; not very convenient and familiar management.

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