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MMA Rivals is a multiplatform sports activities actions simulator sport that locations you in MMA’s thrilling world(Blended Martial Arts). The game combines established CCG presentation with real-time mechanics to create a tense battle experience that focuses on strategies and timing for simulating the ambiance of a precise MMA battle. Enter the ruthless world of MMA Rivals – follow onerously, battle highly effective opponents, and do your best to vary right into a champion. Determine amongst four martial arts sorts to assemble the right fighter’s method and care for any rival of yours.

MMA Rivals Mod APK 0.2.15 (Unlimited Money)

Completed the game. What I mean by completed it I defeated the arena and pub, mma, and championship as well as the leagues multiple times. I still stand by randomizing people at the pub around everytime you beat it for example beating black horse, I understand I can retire and start a new character, but the grind is real and I believe more variety of opponents could keep your characters career alive. Thank you and keep developing this amazing mobile game I have high hopes. I have been playing for days now and it's a fun game I like how the fighting functions, but the only problem I have (hence the 4 stars) is the aging.I play like 4 fights and a year passes and even when Im grinding to beat stronger opponents and I check how old I am about 6 years passed.I wish that it could be 7 fights in the year because my character just retires then I have to start over grinding it up for the same thing to happen,other than that very good game and I'm looking forward to upds. The skill trees could be extended, but I like how they're randomized (I don't like how your character can be missing a whole attribute upgrade, though). The BJJ tree is fixed and subs feel dangerous! There could be better character customization and there's room for graphical improvement (the fighting could be full screen, with the cards arranged the same but overlapping, etc.).. Amazing card battler. Needs more styles: judo, grecko roman grappling, kick boxing, street fighting, and a defensive style like krav magaw for counters and reverses and submissions, for example. Love the game would spend money if they had special martial arts cards and such. It could be an even more amazing game.. Awesome game but it doesn't let me write my name. Updated review dec 23 22: the game got patched a few days ago finally.. And i still cannot connect to the server. When i launch the game i get a white screen for like a minute and then it shows an error message about being unable to connect to the server. Every time..

The side kick to the knee from BJJ moves should have a stun effect on the opponent like the mae geri or the low kick since usually in fight opponents can't really do anything when they are hit with it. Maybe you could switch the effects of the side kick to the knee with mawashi gedan, it would make more sense Love the game Also there are some bugs when it comes to the league. It gets stuck there when you win. Nice game, cool mechanics. The combat itself feels janky at times, but it's alright. Reason for 4/5 is the judging, pretty much all judges in this game overrate takedowns and control time, you can take 99% of enemies healthbar and punch him 100 times while taking none, but one TD is gonna win him the round. Edit: downgraded from 4 star to 1. The game doesnt open anymore. Black screen than white screen. A good game but now the bugs are getting irritating. Need immediate fixing of bugs. Very good game with amazing concept, however being able to choose your own face and name would be good as well. Love that theys a record though and the ability to choose who you're fighting. When are the styles coming, fellas? It's been so long....

I would've wished if we can change the face like the kin color, eyes, hairstyle ourselves. Also make a choice in gender nd make mixed matches.. A must try game for MMA fans. I really enjoy it. One of my favorites. More fighting styles / moves would earn 5 stars.. As a mma casual fan, this game is a blast for me. Just a few suggestion, 1. Make some options so we can choose which fight we want the 3x ads win reward. 2. Make more unique animations for each skill. 3. Make more random opponents to fights in silver arena, its boring fighting Dan Kolov over and over again for money.. The Game must have options to edit fighter name and image for free for the first time, instead of charging after 5 random name and images. The overall Image of fighters who fight must be improved with respect to dress and looks. Fight commentary and beauties are must. A good story line with the game which allows players to choose course of the story with options will definitely put this game to great heights. Please take my feedback seriously..

I'm giving it 3 because it only has a couple of fighting styles but it's good overall. I love this game I've been playing it for months. It seemed really fun from the one time I played it, but now when I try to load it I get an error saying I cannot connect to the server. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?. This game is pretty fun, but there's no point in training your moves be ause they only give you a bonus for one fight and then you have to train them all over again. Kind of put a bad taste in my mouth.. GREAT GAME, it would be neat tho if we had more creative options, like choosimg names, touching on looks and body build etc, and speaking of looks, it would be cool to see our own custom fighters in the animation of the actions instead of the generic fighting models, I understand that'll take a very long time, but I look forward to seeing the updates that can be made soon, great game.

I personally don't enjoy the fact that I'm like 36-0 and am still fighting amateurs.. Very good MMA games, very simple and easy to learn. Would be a 5 game, if only I could play it OFFLINE. But nope, you need an internet connection to enjoy this, which means, if it ever disappears from the store and you find the APK online somewhere, then it is NO LONGER PLAYABLE.. Game good but y'all gotta add kick-boxing and muay Thai those are the most popular styles in MMA.. Excellent game just wish it had a better character customization over a skin randomizer when you first begin the game, other than that you guys nailed it I appreciate the improvements you guys continue to make and the other improvements you have already made keep it up.

Best game add more martial arts. Not bad, but it is a real grind to the top, some fighters have very high stats and it will take you a while to train, gets boring during this time.. The game mechanics go against it's own logic. The game isn't fun and the developer obviously doesn't know how a fight goes. Accuracy doesn't equal speed, i can have double the accuracy and speed yet when i throw a jab, and the AI throws a cross, he connects first? And let me add we threw the card at the same time. Buggy, non-logical and not fun game.. Great dynamic that allows both to enjoy and apply fighting technics you may have as depending on the positions your fighter is you will open new move ments and combos. Really different concept compared to others. You should try it.. Absolutely perfect game. Lack of muay thai is bad, but other than that, no required ads, no pay to win, realistic fights, all in all a nearly perfect game. Add muay thai and it will be 11/10.

I always dreamed of having a strategic mma game. My only request is to add weight class division to make it more realistic like UFC. Also needs female fighters too with thier weight class division. This is my humble request... It's not too bad. I'd recommend it at 6.5/10. I'm still trying to find a decent MMA/Boxing game that has aa bit of a background story that you have to manage as well as playing the sport. I also wish I could do more customizing on my character. I can't even change his name yo!. Ok, i like the game, you gotta be tactical and have a good timing but still doesn't require too much mind to function. My complaint is there's a severe lack of styles and moves so i wish that you will add styles like Muay Thai(Spinning elbows, clinching and flying knees etc...) And more. Also more moves for current styles, triangle choke, kimura, flying armbar so people can have more freedom in making unique characters. Add more flashy moves (fun) and animations accurate to irl. I really like the concept, but needs more improvement especially around the skill. Game keren. Gaya permainan yang asik. Tapi saya pikir anda perlu menambahkan fitur kostumisasi avatar ataupun karakter dalam game ini. Saya yakin game ini bisa berkembang semakin bagus..

This game is unexpectedly fun, I'm on my first career run but I'm excited to try out other style combinations, maybe add a save feature so you can have, say, 3 fighters at a time?. Surprisingly in depth and full of details that prove they know MMA.. It's a really good game I like it,but there is only one problem and it uses WiFi and I'm not a fan of those kinds of games.. Hey mate I haven't played yet but I'll give it a go, see if I can help with any English because it's my first language, I'm sure you're smart and would've done a great job however my wife is Thai and I know some words don't translate correctly to say one particular word so if I see anything that may confuse anyone I'll let you know my brother But I really admire and respect your efforts I hope this app becomes a part of martial arts history in the future to introduce some techniques lost. Nice game with simple mechanic, but age feature for fighter make me worry, can you explain about age flow in game..

Simplistic idea, but possibly more technical than some competitors. Really great game (despite the odd spelling mistake), you don't need to spend money if you don't want which is perfect and means I shall actually make a purchase! I'd imagine this game will pick up a bit as it really is addictive and fun.. This is a great game! The fighting uses realistic moves and it's well made. Would recommend!. Great mix of RPG and action. This game is a ton of fun!. Its good but it would be better you added one or two more fighting styles like Muay Thai or kickboxing.

Best mma game out there by far. Good game, but after hard resetting my phone I get the black screen and it never loads again. Xiaomi Mi A2. Edit: game is working again.. I really like it but the game does not open anymore. It's a great game bit need to improve its system more. This game is great! Having said that it has the potential to be so much better with a longer career mode, more customization options, etc..

Literally loved this game, and now it doesn't even open please fix it I would rate it a 5 star but it doesn't work anymore. Pretty good, but what dissapoints me, that i cant change the character name to who i want it to be named. Very good great game has good potential but if it had more martial art styles and more moves it would be muxh better. And please dont make grappling a overused technique the ai always does it.. A good game overall but there is too much grinding for me personally. You win the same amount of training points when fighting the weakest opponent in the Pub and fighting a considerably stronger one in the Silver Arena. Either lower the xp needed to level up attributes or make victories against tougher opponents more rewarding.. Sucks enemies are not supposed to get boosts it's unfair the game is trying to make you spend money and it's horrible it also make you stronger when you're on streaks but you still loose to some unfair unbalanced pvp horrible trash (They deleted my review and I put it back , and now they are lying about it everything about this game is a lie be warned).

Doesn't load. Never moves past 'loading 100%'. yi gzel hota neden nternet gerektirdiini anlamadm darda oynicaktm ne gzel. Great, could be bit more complex but ok.. I would log into the game and as it was loading it would stay on the loading screen even though it said 100%. after 5 mins it still wouldn't let me play. It would just stay on a black loading screen even on 100%. It continues to have the same problems.. I don't like the game. Sorry Plz don't feel bad..

This game has great potential to be a fun and engaging mobile game. No forced ads, minimal microtransactions. A bit low on variation content and some animations are wonky. Some gameplay mechanics are not fully explained yet. With more content and polish this can easily be a 5* game. Edit: The more I play this game, the more I wish the AI fighters were randomly generated or at least swapped out once in a while. It gets a bit dull fighting and grinding the same people over and over again.. Best MMA simulator I've seen for Android! It really gets right how important the timing is in this kind of games.. Update: It appears they did some balancing but the pvp is now terrible. The only good part of the game was the pvp and now I can't fight more than 5 fights without spending gold or real money. And plz make it so I can lvl every skill. I'm sick of not having any option to lvl one of the skills or make the absent skill in the shop and its always a main skill like str or speed for boxers and karate and agility for wrestling or bjj. 5k IS a lot when you only make 300 a match.. Turn based combat that was a bit better than I thought. Cool game could get very big with improvements. Adding more Martial Arts like Kickboxing and Muay Thai, or a level system where you can get more slots for moves would be awesome. Also more character customization..

Wow awesome just like the UFC..seasons fights all around.. Wow. MMA combat, has an interesting mechanic. Worth exploring.... The intor isn't the best and it plays like most mma card games today only really plus is that because it doesn't focus hard on graphics that the game paly will be better that other cheap games on the the market I haven't seen any real p2w elementa yet so for what it is I say it's a good game but better options on the market. Great game with a unique fighting system, items give an extra layer of strategy which I appreciate. I like the concept of boxers each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Things I'd like to see in the future: More items, more arenas, and if balancing permits maybe higher xp yields for upgrading attributes!. fun game. add more features....anything really..

It is a good game. A combo system would improve game play. One move at a time is too slow. But for now the game is fun.. I learn to adapt to the stamina regeneration thingy. Dont mind my first review i was pissed at that time. The game is good. Looking for the future updates.... I really enjoy this game so far. Worth a try for sure.. Huge fan of this game. Mma games in general seem to be hard to make enjoyable, but this one works.. Really good concept for an MMA game. Hopefully a multiplayer feature is coming soon, additionally I feel that if an opponent's health bar runs out due to a submission it should be ruled as such and not a 'tko' and please add new abilities to the existing classes in the near future..

pretty fun so far.ive only had 4 fights,but very entertaining. Very fun still in developmental stage but loads of potential. Really fun game, original system for fighting so it's really entertaining. Still, there is some aspects who needs improvement. More martial arts, more card possibilities and the pvp league ! Btw im a champion everywhere except the MMA league, the difference between my fighter and the weakest MMA fighter is too big. I'm 28yo in game + more than 35W - 4L - 0D but still not enough to beat the weakest fighter in the MMA league. Keep up the good work, looking forward for upgrades and updates.. Its a great game ..pls give an offline option !!!!. Very enjoyable game, needs more fighting leagues/cups but other than that it's a great time killer.

Good mechanics, lacks diversity and replayability, becomes grindfest fast. Davno sam igrao kao klinac na Amigi 500, Panza Kickboxing, i to je za mene do danasnjeg dana najbolja simulacija kikboksa sa mnostvom borilackih poteza koji su mogli da se biraju, ova igra se igra malo drugacije ali su obe istog kalibra. Sve pohvale za developere! Odlican rad . Good idea, enjoyable. Good fun for combat fans. Movement in the ring and speed wanted. I addicted to this game. Can you please add more martial art like judo,capoera,taekwondo and etc? Also please add animation on training like when character train for strength they will work on punching bag.

Best fighting rpg game on android. A very unique fighting game i see a lot of potential in the future of this game. The only problem i have with this game is the progression system, it is hard for instance to level up your strenght to lvl 20. Other than that a very nice game. The game is addicting and very fun. I loved playing it.. It's awesome. Try it and you will know what I mean. But, it's a strategic game and I like this type of games. So, specifically it's an awesome strategic games.. I like the fame alot my only problem is that when you submit an opponet they just take damage when they submit you its game over that makes me rage alot. Not very ballanced.

The game is surprisingly addictive.. Its simple ui cant compare on how good the game play is.... Simply put, a good game with a very interesting concept. It can be clearily seen that the game is in early development, but in some aspects, feels very polished. Still has a pretty big problem with bugs, but there are no game breaking ones i found so far. Keep up the good work G. Can you please make playable for all devices i couldn't play it but it look like a good game. The game is indeed very fun, I enjoyed it very much. The problems that I encountered is: 1. The moves availability, the moves is l very limited when you starting out 2. Because of the moves being limited, the fights is repetitive 3. The moves being really trained sometimes does more damage than helpful, what I meant is when you have Endurance high, the increase in time is more like a debuff than a buff 4. The move upgrading system 5. The game takes a lot of my battery life Overall Good Game. Best game ever lie..this is the best game..try it.

Brilliant mma simulation game that every mma fan is gonna love. wish I can remove progress and do again. Even if i clear data its still there. My last player became ai and its too strong xd. Awesome MMA management game with with card elements. You're assigned an MMA fighter and use cards to attack your opponents, using training to expand and focus your fighting cards .. Really good game, very addictive a must try. Just You wait this game needs more attention it this game will become famous in the future hope yall not leave this gane trust me!!.

Been playing manager type games for some time now and idk this one sticks out and you guys are updateing and keeping ontop of things so i deffinatly feel the creator/creator's deserve this one.. This game gets incredibly difficult after you leave the pub. Maybe its just me, but i love this game its very addicting and theres not an excessive amount of ads. I'm gonna go ahead and later this a 5 because it's a good concept but it's got its problems. The game is a very interesting take on MMA. Although it's a card game, it rewards quick reactions & counters, and it implements both stamina and the ground game. Problems: game feels very early in development. Needs more stuff. 2. Game randomly(?) Allows you to buy upgrades for all playthroughs. I dislike the randomness. Just give us a store for permanent upgrades. Some more stuff but character limit. the game is extremely fun! with a few bug fixes like the record bug, and maybe some tweaking with the stamina, and some new styles it's gonna be one of the best mma games on mobile. maybe a create your own promotion mode would be cool, and maybe a new progression system with more arenas and such. Overall amazing game!. This game is exactly what I have been looking for. I like the artwork and the strategy is good as well..

Good game, just curious when is the update gonna be?. More Updates to Come Guys, add Leaderboards in Game and add all your Fighters must seen in your Profile, Add PVP which has different record. Great game so far. Always like a good turn based/time based game over a button masher. Saw in a review you were talking about more styles, thinking Muay Thai should be a good one for clinches. Definitely can earn everything. Ads are only there for extra money, and non-intrusive. Keep up the fine work.. Boring and too much dependent on stamina. What is the meaning of primary or secondary ? I think if im retire a player theres a history where you can saw the fighters that you retire in your hall of fame list.

Hey I noticed that when you beat an opponent instead of having one loss next to their record it says they have a win instead when they're already been beaten.

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