Game Mobile - Updated on August 11, 2022

Mob Control is a fun tactical toy made using strategic and arcade components, a casual design style. The user is invited to become the defense commander-in-chief and smoothly transition from defense to attack, managing several mechanics and using special skills, auras, and auxiliary abilities.

Mob ControlMob Control

The film is about an isometric confrontation between two strongholds, their armies attacking each other, breaking a hole in a sharp gate. The user will have to expertly open and close the gates, as well as use his large and sharp doors to repel and destroy hordes of enemies, redirecting its movements.

In addition, to counter enemy ambushes, there is a cannon, which will also have to be controlled, trying to hold back the enemy’s attack and turn them into a flight path so that allied troops can react. attack and complete it, defeat the opponent’s stronghold. Naturally, portals, cannons, and special skills can be improved upon, researched, and opened up new possibilities for them.

Mob ControlMob Control

Get started and try to get the upper hand in the first battles of Mob Control. Track the movement of groups of enemies, be it computer or online players. Try to close the gate at the right time and destroy as many enemy units as possible, scatter cannon bullets, try to calculate the correct amount of ammunition. Use the free shopping mod to easily and quickly get everything you need in the game store, easily crushing even the strongest opponents, the bosses in the story. Play in amazing events, stand “to death” in survival modes, unlock powerful abilities to stop enemies.

Download ( V2.38 )
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