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Mobile Legends: Adventure is great entertainment for fans of relaxing RPGs with a variety of content. Explore a huge global map with various quests and challenges, team up with dozens of unique characters and find legendary equipment.

Mobile Legends: Adventure
 Gift Codes  (2022 December) 1.1.314
All Codes Expiration date
BJTUAWOLNVH October 14, 2022
AET49Q8VNM November 1, 2022
P5N6YZ37H November 6, 2022
LOQY7RSTNJK October 27, 2022
1HRKJDX04WOI October 24, 2022
T5GSOZ4W0R1 November 3, 2022
QRYP65VKO8X October 24, 2022
DAQWN90461 October 15, 2022
NY70GXQTV October 9, 2022
GP15MSI6XDQ October 2, 2022
1XGQI4Z2HVED October 1, 2022
PY9KIU7OHGZ November 20, 2022

Mobile Legends: Adventure has an interesting story campaign, epic battles in the Labyrinth and the Tower of Babel, as well as PvP battles. Join guilds with other players, develop and complete special cooperative tasks together.


  • the official sequel to the popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!;
  • several dozen heroes with special characteristics and skills;
  • a huge amount of PvE and PvP content.

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