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Probably everyone has already seen the ad, where Iron Arnie walks in an admiral’s uniform with a phone on which he gives orders to the troops? And how do you like that ad where a couple of pretty young girls shatter the base of four guys in a cafe, built right on the table? This is really cool, it would be if everything they show was at least half true. But in reality, we still have the same strategy in the “build-protect” mode.

List of Discount Codes Expiration date
MIA6OUGYEBZ September 19, 2022
A3BP9XVY1L September 21, 2022
X4WAEIYGR August 10, 2022
JQENPOHGLCK September 16, 2022
GF3E8X2JDH5I September 23, 2022
K42FROPIBEL August 8, 2022

Rebuild your base from the very beginning, develop gradually, the main thing is to decide on the development strategy from the very beginning, otherwise it will be difficult further. You can either immediately invest all your efforts in the infrastructure of the base, or invest in military power and lag behind in development, which will ultimately have an extremely negative effect when everyone has super modern weapons, and you have crowds of soldiers with pistols that will no longer be exported the whole cart.

Having decided on the development and future plans, having studied the map and the area around you, do not forget to establish contacts and relationships with bases nearby. Because at the moment your game will be in their hands, and if they do not like you, they will simply strangle you and will not let you play.

Your goal is a super modern and just as super strong army, an invincible fortress and a strong alliance with the closest powers that be.

Bad news: the serious Arnie is unlikely to meet you in the game Mobile Strike.

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