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The Age of Modernity is a standard economic game with elements of geopolitics, where the player is invited to visit as the president of one of the modern states.

Modern Age – President Simulator
Discount Codes (2023 June) 1.0.78
All CodesExpiration date
3UWFO1VN85MJuly 6, 2023
A097MU286IJuly 11, 2023
KNJAHC0OZJune 18, 2023
ZV1SWOJFAC7June 25, 2023
83GCR12XVW59June 5, 2023
JE5HDXAKTWSMay 28, 2023
4QL7AYF3MPDJune 26, 2023
7Y8JKU3D01June 13, 2023
5NYPVAEUSJuly 4, 2023
B2Y4KJ6XP3VJune 23, 2023
U6CIMXKP7DNFJune 15, 2023
USBAR705E8VJune 6, 2023

You can choose almost any country and immediately start creating a new story. Test your management skills, develop technologies, negotiate, expand borders and advance your country to prosperity. Be a skilled military leader or a diplomat – it all depends on you.

Game Features:

  • detailed system of wars;
  • diplomacy with all its successes and failures;
  • legislation, religion, taxation and much more.

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