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Help your fellows destroy the enemy and by no means be defeated. Be part of the battle and earn the title of a legendary tanker; a modern tank online is prepared for you; acquire the world tank online free of charge! Workers’ battles with associates and addictive movement gameplay are useful consumables that will help you on the battlefield.

Win battles, get components to take first place amongst players worldwide, and get well-deserved rewards. Enhance your tank with assorted camouflages and stickers that affect traits and improve choices relying on your methodology to the game on the battlefield.

Modern Assault Tanks Mod APK 3.74.07 (Free Shopping)

It's a good game but moving is not good. Have you tried checking out "panzer war de"? The game is like warthunder and its offline. Pls make this game offline and have module mode(like warthunder). This Game Sucks I Do Team Battle And in Does Deathmatch And it Stinks The Game Sucks And Too Many Tanks Have To Have A Level To Buy So Fix it. Can only play Free for All Cant play team for some reason. This game is awesome and very great. The graphics is quite fine to me though its like catoonized. The sound is great and i hope to have a battle scene in the desert. Good job..

Iam pretty good at a game likes this. I haven't gotten passed the tutorial and it kicks me off. To me it has the potential to be a five star game, please fix it or let me know what I'm doing wrong. Hook a brutha up . Very inters the game very very good game. That's a cool game but it's not running smoothly game is getting stopped when I tried to play I don't know why but still game is cool. Its saying failed to establish a connection server .

Lagging and ridiculous turret traverse speed. Gameplay is good biut it Just have 3 very small battlefields and it becomes boring. There could be different play areas in the same battlefield to avoid boring. Frequent no server connection that abruptly ends the game play. The most surprising thing is your buying prices vary greatly on mobile devices and pc. Buy gold silver or vip on pc, its much cheaper than what it shows on mobile. Thats awkward.. I don't think this game is good with Android phones? This game won't even load... I can't imagine if it DOES load and you do get into a battle online.. YES uninstalled... Controls are sticky fun game till it kicks you off the servers and out of the game cannot complete a battle anymore got new router new tablet works for about 3 weeks and that's it has something to do with upgrade s but I couldn't fix on my on waiting on developers to see if they can fix it.. I LIKEIT SO FAR BUTTHE GRAFICS COULD BE STAND SOME IMPROVEMENT.

Hey! I increased the power but it is not worked well and not only that I have a good net connection but still kicking me out of the game. What a disappointing!. Can you guys fix the aiming, controls too close to maneuvering buttons.. It's actually more fun than I thought it would be..the only thing I don't like is the prices in the game store...not for us poverty folk... I really like this game it's like I'm in the war. same platform to their tank games. at level 8 its hard to progress without buying real money. not FTP friendly..

I have found it to be better than most other tank games . I would recommend this game to people . I injoy playing this game .. Don't play well on tablet too bad nice graphics. A very poor imitation of armoured warfare assault. Poor controls and very bad graphics.. i love this game and enjoy. Good graphics and very fun gamplay. One major problem though google play link does not work can't save game progress to google cloud Please fix! Also please add more maps and the ability to add friends. Overall a very good game..

This game is so boring graphics are bad please dpnt install this game. It crashes when i see like missing textures pls reply on how to fix this my Android Version is 4.4.2 PLEASE REPLY. Play this game on my mobile phone. Quality is good. Totally recommend this Game!. Gonna be another great tank game. getting better everyday. This game has does not match my handwere Applications. This game is not working for low end devices. In game discrimition they write game is working for weak devices . Don't working this game in my mobile My android version is Android 6. ( Samsung Galaxy 2016)..

This is an very very very very bad game. It's not working i don't know why. ITS ARMADA 2.0 COMPACT CARTOON VERSION. I played Armada modern tanks for two years. All they done is take possibly 2 scenery bases from Armada and put a new layers. The desert fort replaces the winter fort from Armada. The controls are sticky. No chat. Battle areas are much smaller . The airport battlefield looks like a cartoon toy obstacle course and it is annoying to play in. And its pay to get enhancements. I have to say this is the worst of all their tanks games. Deleted. So games going great . Good game play .. Like in armada you cannot move the turret witch is bad pls fix and make this game awesome.

First impression .. though lacking its a good game for a +500mb game, controls are finicky (hard to move about) game dynamics needs more improvement ... I don't mind playing the game for the fun of it, I hope devs develop this more in the future. For the meantime I'll give it a 3 stars for its point and shoot gameplay .... Good game but can you fix the game because it always crashes!. Terrible i can't even open the game to play it,it keeps saying ,CAN'T DOWNLOAD ASSETS.. Need some easy quest to earn gold and silver. need more tank speed and more modern tanks. Dirty graphics no turret rotation blank purple trees.

Terrible control and sensitivity. Cannot play.. This game is complect a garbage game! The control is complect garbage game! The designers who design this game is complect amator designers! Dont instal thi game!. Would love extra game modes and more tanks and maps. Might as well call it armada tanks 2.0. WoTB, AW assault, Tantaskic .. not even close one of them :3 1 star for being tank GaMe.

the rotating sensativity doesnt work and trees are blank but purple in color. they are flat purple no depth. I can't play the game it won't open but i give it an five stars because why not.. Please this game tank upgrade new version. Great app I've been pre registered also I'm the first to rate it ever.

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