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Contra has long and firmly become the favorite game of hundreds of thousands of gamers. But you want something new. Then feel free to download the Modern Strike Online game and it will change your idea of ​​online shooters. Realistic graphics that convey all the subtleties and nuances of the street world. Dynamic gameplay will not leave you time for a break. Elite special forces units, armed with cutting-edge weapons, tirelessly fight on the screen of your mobile gadget.

Modern Strike: Online Coupon Codes 1.54.1
List of Coupon Codes Expiration date
9Z57DHUYO43 August 2, 2022
ZUAD93LK5P September 3, 2022
9P8702KXI August 27, 2022
6YL1W4PN537 August 10, 2022
U713PM50ACHJ August 19, 2022
ABMP3E5YZ6T September 6, 2022

Modern Strike Online offers to try your hand at three combat modes, designed for both single battle and team battle. In user mode, you dictate all the rules yourself. At 7 locations, you can try all your tactical skills and find weak enemy spots. The choice of weapons will turn your head. More than 25 types of unique weapons and military uniforms.

Participate in dynamic skirmishes, fight your way to the top of the rating tables, become a leader. Declare yourself and subdue the one who dares to stand in your way. This will help excellent graphics and rhythmic sound design. Don’t forget to follow the updates in the new corporate game for mobile devices from Russian developers.

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