APK - Updated on January 16, 2023

Do you want to run a real cafe for girls, where you will meet absolutely no (well, almost no) boys? Then Moe Girl Cafe 2 is at your service – the second part of the anime-style game of the same name, in which you will have to try on the role of one of the managers of the cafe called Moe. This is the best place where girls can gather, discuss their problems, talk about boys and grind someone’s bones.

Moe Girl Cafe 2  MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.34.20

But while they rest and enjoy themselves, you have the real work to do. Your area of ​​responsibility includes: designing the cafe, hiring new staff, ensuring the purchase of necessary products and monitoring the state of affairs in the kitchen, taking orders and advertising, sending messengers to deliver take-out orders.

These and other duties will not let you get bored! Now you know what it’s really like to be an employee of a cafe for girls. And by the way, do not forget that all your visitors are girls with their requests, whims and everything else that you cannot expect at this moment. Do you want to take on this difficult burden? Then install the Moe Girl Cafe 2 simulator application. Find out what is really happening around you, in those moments when you are relaxing at a table of one of your favorite establishments!

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