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Free game and can be played entirely without the need for in-game transactions. (Free 2 play !!) An old school RPG, JRPG, monsters taming and capture type of game. The world has been taken over by robots called. You will be in charge of retrieving pieces of code spread to all corners of the world to eliminate the threat. During your adventure, you will be able to collect monbots’ armor and fight to be the best hunter who exists.

Monbots RPG Mod APK 2.27 (Free Shopping)

AMAZING GAME I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER GAME ON MY PHONE THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC!. This game is great. There are many minor bugs and battle system is not that good like abilities and attributes so fighting experience is very bad although fun to play and competitive battle 5 star for you please update the game as soon as possible I want to give you 1 star now because when I return to the game after review again force opening play store I wrote review 10 times but mf dev matt not moving from the way really? I can't give more than 5 get out of my way . There's a bug that I can't face the first chsmpion even tho I already did his requirements... Really awesome game . And new concept story line really appreciate. I really suggest this game for everyone should try .. Very good but its very very hard and in the begining wheb the vilage burns down theres a a strong trainer we have to defeat.

Awesome. I wonder why some low level got more damage than the higher level? That is my concern.. Good. Good. Super bad badbadbadbadbad .

Its been very good and adventurus. It is A Very good Game But My Problem is that When Your Going Somewhere Monbots Will Always Pop Out Of Nowhere It Is Really Annoying Please Fix It. Fun but hard to keep track of where to go. Also the leveling feels very off for combat. The leveling feels off because it feels like it take forever to level up once you hit thirty even facing level 40 or higher opponents.. Can't even get pass the first quest frequent encounters very little healing Cashgrab pokemon clone. I completed this game when it is in developing stage ,it was so cool and different gameplay,the story is good &monbots are nice ,i recommend this game for every pokemon(monster catching, evolving)fans...

It's a cool twist on Pokemon.. The game is good, better than many other taming games as you don't need to pay to capture any bots. However, the balance is terrible. Bots 10+ levels lower always hit you first and almost always succeed with causing you status ailments that almost always stop you from doing anything. As soon as it goes away, they cause it again and again so you never stop dealing with ailments that stop actions and cause you damage.. It is good. I really enjoy this game a lot and maybe you can add buy experience for in game money. Awesome Game. What a storyline.But suggestions.Do available master scan. It's not affordable to buy for money. There must be mission to earn master scans for mythical monobots armour. And again while going to the flua town I don't find developer as he gives master scan as gift for progres.I am really disappointed..Add few ways to level up monobots. It's take lot of time. I suggest you your game is like Drakomon.But they don't given update from last two years. Don'tvdo such mistake like them..

A lovely little monster collector game that's badly in need of some QoL improvements. EDIT: I'm delighted to see the dev really listening tk feedback 🙂 Looking forward to completing the game now that the big update is here and I can use my jet boots in peace.. Sir (you are a boy right?) This is game idk I haven't played it yet but I have high hopes for it.Just a question in advance will you be making more games likethi this once the 25% is done? And will you also add more monbots?. I like the app but I can't find the main archeologist in the caves. The game is free with ads but they feel noninvasive. The monsters look cool, and the controls are smooth with a joystick. Just aheads up you must manually save the game if you don't want to start over from scratch.. Pretty good it would be better if there's a control menu so you can costumise things and you don't need to click the arrow button when chatting to npc i wish you can spam it just by touching the screen cause you don't really need to read the thingy when you finished the game and wanna replay it and already knows the dialogue. The game is crushing.

This game is best. Ok listen its mire like 2014 style yknow It is a great game tho. Thank you. The game is good and there customer support are best. They deserve 5 star rating.. Awesome game. Love this vintage style of graphics. Very well made app..

I could not even play the game because it glitches to the point you can not enter your name and then it kicks you out FIX IT! And next time I might write a good review. I really like the game but I think mine's broken. I tried opening the app and it just kept on force closing.. Great Game! . What a monster collector game. Love this vintage style of graphics.. This game is a breath of fresh air for monster taming games and you can really tell the developer put a lot of thought into making a game where one does not have to fork over their life savings to enjoy! Also when I reached out to ask a question about spawn rates they answered back within minutes and took the time to have a real conversation about the game. I sincerely wish more game developers were like this! The game has some rough edges but it's well worth supporting this type of game 100%.

Much to improve. Too many bugs in just the start of the game. This app is awesome!!!. The high level of difficulty, right off the bat, takes away from the storyline and gameplay. I got stuck as soon as I reached the twins and can't beat them but can't go back to level up again before battling them again.. Download. I already done this game in 3 days im excited 4 ur next KAMI CITY UPDATE the best game so far .

A very best game but what happen when i met developer matt he said about update.... When is the update? Can i go to silver sun town before update? and which is the best place to train monbots??. Fun game i like it. Controls suck 🙁 very slow when moving I would be better off using a Bluetooth controller it would be faster then the input joystick on this game plus I don't like that I have to tap all over the screen just to find the button if it stayed invisible on the screen it would help plus the input lag/slowness when moving ahh..... I have played many other games but it is Much impressive game i have completed it i can see the whole hard work you made on this the most hard work will be on making missions of monbots ltd, thieves chief druid missions and a lot more it is multiple choise game about choosing druids or wariors but there is no multiplayer in game that's odd i wish in the next update there will be multiplayer,new monbots, and more missions with more fun please make new update as soon as possible Thank you . Please,can you fix it,I can't buy in the botique and my money doesn't add in my botique.

Great game. Amazing game. When you release thr full game. Can't wait till it's finished. Thank you for this fun yet challenging game! I remembered Pokemon and Final Fantasy combined. I hope you'll make more rpg games for us to play.. Great game, waiting on the next 25%.

A good game of Robert. Hi mark thanks mark. This game is so fun but i do have 1 request can you add some shiny monbots if it already has some sorry but if you dont have any pls add them this is one of the games i been looking for. thanks and please add. Bad. Awesom.

Amazing and i am waiting fir update. Minors. RPG. so good game. Do you tell me, How i change my bots team on game,,,please. It is a new Monbots RPG. Th.

Ever best global game for pokemon fans. I'd like to see a game 2 for this, nice game. Great game,great story, would have been a 5* but game ends to fast and where it ends is bad need to get into the air city to even move on in the defenders quests. Will be waiting for update.. Hi! The game was awesome! but can you add repels? it is annoying to do errand/quest while encountering wild bots. Thank you Ps. I do find in treasure chest but it'll be awesome to add in early shops such as blackrun.. Pls remove the in game transaction cause its a very wonderful game.

The game is very good. I just start play, but I stuck in temple cave 2 days ago. And I can't go any further... Plz reply in this review and tell me how to go in next stage.. Spent 20 bucks on the game after the update I cannot open it anymore and if I Uninstal im going to lose my progress, can I have my money back or help?. The game is cool with some really nice 2d graphics. Also the plot is fun to read kudos to developer!. This is a Pokemon like RPG with a great level of detail! So much to discover!. I like the story, can't wait to see what will happen. Nice graphics and music. Maybe control little hard needs fixing. Otherwise, 5 stars.

Great pokemon like game. Amazing graphics and sounds.. Really a good game like Pokemon. I enjoyed the game a lot. Graphics and controls are so good.. Veoma interesantna igrica o pokemonima, budi mi stara secanja na crtani koji sam mnogo voleo, zasluzuje 5 zvezdica.. Nice game ... A very nice game, this Pokmon like game is really good. I like it.

Great experience, I like the game. Thank you very much !. Set up very similar to Pokmon, really fun game I have about 20 hours in and there is still more game play. love it, feels like a pokemon game and super easy to control. Monbots,its really interesting,lovely and funny game the concept,keep it up. Excellent and smooth game. Fun to play.

Adventure game with nice graphics. I loved to collect different types of armour plus the different types of monobots are awesome. Game can be played completely free but it depends on users choice.. Really love this game, it's so addictive and fun, play it alot when I'm having long rides with the metro.. I love this game, love the graphics, good job for developers!. Sorry for changing my review but the game is not opening it shows loading half and then close. If you can fix it so please fix it I want to play, thank you. 4 star for falling love first sight, lets play.

Really good, HOWEVER if you don't train all day in the start you WILL get soft locked by the hunters, I experienced this first hand, had to boot up a new game, pick my starter and my STARTER the armor you pick WITHOUT FIGHTING HAD 2 HP FOR NO REASON! The biggest problem is that the game is really good and has a lot of potential but soft locking someone because they didn't level grind THROUGH THEIR ENTIRE EXPERIENCE sucks (P.S. also I have learned the button that would play an ad doesn't work). Im really concerned about the gender characters, they do look a bit off like it aint human, maybe its the legs bent & the fists, I think that needs a change cuz i think it gives a bootleg vibes to the game right? & the start of the story may need music, just thought to point that out & just a heads up, you dont have to take that idea, just thought it be cool if it does cuz the character pose look strange but really great game & hoping this game be more awesome than right now. I am absolutely loving this game. Been playing it for hours now especially the Pokmon like. 5 stars. Game hay giao din p nhiu tnh nng. this is a really cool game, which is quite similar to the pokemon app This game is absolutely fantastic. The developer has done so much to make it entertaining. Superb !!.

Monbots rpg is amazing game. I like this pokemon like game. Super cool app, i like how it hooked me to spend hours playing it. I just love it. This is a Pokemon like game but way better. I really enjoyed.. Its like a pokemon kind of game. Really long story and fun all the way through.. Really great app for all.

This is simply the best pokemon like game. I am loving this.. Monbots rpg is pokemon like game. I am addicted to this game.. Nice cool robot rpg game and I really enjoyed it. Excelente juego. Bastante entretenido y ademas toca un tema genial como lo son los pokemon. Justo en la infancia. Recomendado. This is very good application, I m always playing in my free time, controller is amazing. Thanks team..

Really nice game that is pokemon like. I have no doubt in my mind that this will become a paid game eventually once the user interface and the controls are fixed.. Love the game but one main concern of my is there is no method of backuping of progress. If something come up and I'm to reset my phone Or uninstall the game everything I have done in the game is lost forever I was able to acquire a mythical creature from the normal chest which only had 5% chance to acquire a mythical so pls kindly do something for the players to be able to backup there progress such as connecting to Facebook, good play etc. Pls!. Super fun game. More like Pokemon with different theme and environment.. Very very complex and interesting adventure game. It is combination of retro graphics and modern weapon collection approach. It is fun to play especially the battles.. It could use some improvements. After checking details on the first armors, i could not move. I had to go back in and select "no I dont want this armor"to move again. In the next area, a battle with a cheetah robot. He pulled out a missle launcher and it makes a cutting noise animation? It should be like a blast or shot noises.

I like the gameplay, it really reminds me Pokemon game which a huge plus cause I love it. The design is great.. Very interesting game. Also it's free for some time. Interface is very good.Fight and collect robots and bring peace to a world dominated by evil monbots. Must download and play. This is one of those old schools rpgs I used to play on my windows 95. I introduced it to my kid and now he is hooked to it.. Game engagement level is very high... Superb game This is Pokemon like game... Really nice game.... Monbots RPG is the best intrinsic gameplay. The game is tactical exciting that makes me want to come back and play again and again..

Great game. Especially for those who like pokemon.. Best game. Awesome animation and graphics and an entertaining game. Ran in to a bug .. i was walking speed up and it walked me threw a wall now im stuck is there a fix?. It did not im now invisable and can move up and down but only 3 steps i have restarted allready i was only past 1st town . If it happens again il let u kno. i love the game. After long time a see such a wonderful game. from now i'm going to play it on daily basis. one of the best game i found today on play store.

Great game and fun to play for time pass. Monbits RPG is epic game to play. Nice visuals and feature. Best game for role playing game. I really love RPG games and this one fits my preferences very well! It brings me some feels like the games from my childhood. It's very entertaining and it's not like many of the games that only kills your time.. Jocul acesta m-am impresionat, similar cu Pokemon i are multe nivele. M simt atras de joc.. I love Pokemon and this app is a Pokemon-like mobile game with over 25 hours of gameplay with his awesome gameplay and graphics so i love it...

A bit difficult the get the hand on at the beginning but after that you will really enjoy the game. If you are tired of all the other horse shoe games full of ads then you should give this one a try.. Amazing and superb game wow i really like it.. cute character and amazing stories . Super!!!! Trully amazing gameplay... And evolution like pokemon is just spectacular really enjoyed playing it.. Awesome nice graphics.. this app is great!fun and good game..the graphics is good and i love it since it is similar to Pokemon...

this is a really cool game, which is quite similar to the pokemon app. Great and fun game, I love this, I recommend to my friends and the love it too. This game is really amazing. I think I'm gonna play it all the day. It has Pokemon like style also the story of the game is interesting. Can't stop wondering what happened to the father .. Very good and attractive game. Nice graphics and controls . Best app to fight and collect robots and bring peace to a world dominated by evil monbots. I like this gaming app..

Amazing gaming app. Fight and collect robots and bring peace to a world dominated by evil monbots.. Pokemon like RPG game with great gameplay and beautiful graphics. Keep it up!. It is very nostalgic for me to play this game. It reminds me that good old pokemon..... Such a funny game! Nice pokemon like game and addictive gameplay I play this and have addicted! I love the idea behind this great app. It is very awesome I can play with my friends I like so much. Forever a fan of this games.. The game is cool but a bit unbalanced, just have to get used to it and the plot so far has been good. The flags for languages are a bit switched but won't affect gaming. Developers are easily reachable..

The play style is similar to that of Pokemon and the play time is long enough, so I am having fun with my friends.. If someone stressed or bored, open your phone and play this game amazing game.. I thoroughly love the game play and graphics. It gave me such a Pokmon like feel. Kudos to the team!. If you enjoyed playing Pokemon on gameboy this is the perfect game for you! The game is very Pokemon like and the graphics are great. The gameplay is captivating as well. Muy buen juego! Llevo poco tiempo con el pero es bastante adictivo.

This is a very fun, entertaining and interesting game. Good graphics and versatile features.. Very interesting as well as addictive game like pokemon. Will complete all levels for sure.. Very beautiful and interesting game with interesting story. I would recommend this game for adventure game lovers.. A good Pokemon like game, with a great gameplay. With some more effort this could be more amazing game.. Love the Pokemon-like concepts in the game with story telling guide. Another game option for kids!.

Love this game, love ur hard work for the exiting graphics I have some sugestions 1. Moving problem ( already mentioned in other comments ) 2.Experience gains after a fight with the enemy with high level is not in scale. 3.No skip butten in battle 4.buttons like map, shoes should be quick accessible 5.Need to change the top panel buttons more friendly Keep up mate. Pokemon. , . . Great graphics and interesting plot, fine controlls and navigation. Good yob!. Disgusting UI. It make me shiver. Never ever i see the User interface like this..

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