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Did you know that money really does grow on trees? This is not a fairy tale, but the absolute truth! Plant your own tree and get rich. Take care of your plant, water and fertilize in time, do not let it dry out, otherwise you will not see profit.

Money Tree: Free Clicker Game  MOD APK (Free Download) 1.11.21
List of Cheat Engine Expiration date
1IVN2BQZM4W September 24, 2022
XV8WD39A7I September 20, 2022
0E487OV3K September 11, 2022
571FI2LBY0N October 9, 2022
SCUN6XQ7AM3R October 11, 2022
1ECSD9RLV05 August 17, 2022

The game is interesting and somewhat reminiscent of animal care simulators, but here you have a specific goal – to grow the largest tree. To cope with the task, you have to spare no expense to care for the plant itself, believe me, then everything will pay off with interest. Buy equipment, hire gardeners, purchase fertilizer, and keep a close eye on the maintenance the workers do. The tree should not need anything, the fabulous plant is quite capricious, so be on the lookout.

Grow your little money tree to the size of real giants! In achieving this goal, you can help a variety of characters, the list of which includes both animals and the president. Also, do not forget about bonuses that will help you accelerate the growth process. Do not ignore the seemingly unnecessary equipment: fire engines, amulets that bring good luck, and various interesting equipment.

Intrigued? Then rather download the application and plant your little tree, find out how much profit you can grow on your own.

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