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Something boring .. – gamers sluggishly noticed

List of CodesExpiration date
1MZLWFIR0S6August 5, 2022
DXUBF7395NSeptember 1, 2022
BUMICD2GJSeptember 18, 2022
1ZQOP92IENBSeptember 22, 2022
LT38EGQ2XCIZSeptember 30, 2022
5LXABRWG21PSeptember 7, 2022

“But we release hundreds of games and updates every day!” – exclaimed the developers

“Uh-huh.. they release, copy-paste is no longer in trend!” – gamers started to wind up

“Okay, okay, now sit down comfortably, and we will break your patterns. And let’s start with the strategies of the “build-defend” style,” the developers said, and easily and without compulsion put Monster Castle in front of them for everyone to see.

Meet – the most popular strategy of its genre and its type. This is a strategy combined with a platformer. Fierce vertical battles are waiting for you, in which you will have to climb higher and higher up the stairs, bypassing clever traps, guard golems and many other obstacles on the way to victory. Externally, the combat system is similar to almost all dandy games and also to some board games.

Build your vertical castle, in which all life activities will take place, and all the necessary actions, whether it is pumping a character or strengthening an army – everything is there.

Create Alliances and recruit only high-quality and competent people in them in order to win. Take part in the guild war, getting significant bonuses and rewards for victories. It is also possible to train together with your allies from the guild, practicing and honing skills on each other without incurring real losses, and go into battle with enemy heroes in full combat readiness.

Build up your troops and don’t forget about the dragon, which is ready to help you at any second. Train the dragon and train with him, because with the right approach and due perseverance, the dragon will be able to destroy the castles of your enemies and protect your castle from their attacks.

Try your hand at building vertical castles with Monster Castle.

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