Codes New - Updated on December 26, 2022

Monster Craft 2 is an amazing mobile battles between monsters that have gone through stages of evolution. Before the player will be a huge list of a wide variety of monsters and each can be used.

All Codes Expiration date
HUCTRXMGJWI December 31, 2022
DMYA5XBWZH January 21, 2023
RO19TXA82 December 27, 2022
ALJ68WTV7PZ December 26, 2022
LPUNS8TYHW9A January 16, 2023
KUA3VD2PNBL February 13, 2023
O9QVGRX6FC2 January 19, 2023
LG6QA93EFS February 19, 2023
BZDOTQUPX January 14, 2023
N1DQUCTL0RY February 18, 2023
I2HUM0TO1V7R December 30, 2022
ESFV5HLPY9W January 18, 2023

Connect to the most epic battles between various monsters and learn about the characteristics of each of them. By becoming a member of the Monster Craft 2 gameplay, players will be able to enter epic battles and collect the largest collection of monsters. As soon as you have the first one, you will need to constantly improve it, and increase the level until you can make a real terrible creature. Release him into this huge fantasy world, and let him win every next battle. What kind of creatures will not be in the collection of the player. They all have different characteristics and abilities. In Monster Craft 2, they will be able to crossbreed to create completely new forms and types of monsters. For successful victories, the player can get gold coins and use them to buy new improvements for their monsters or additional items. If you have a legendary monster in your collection, then he will be able to defeat most opponents in multiplayer mode. Lots of monsters in Monster Craft 2 From their own collection of monsters, players will be able to produce high-quality combinations of monsters, and then let them go to battle with other players. At the same time, no more than twelve monsters with different characteristics and skills can fight in one Monster Craft 2 duel. Naturally, in such an epic game, you can’t do without your own special strategy. It should help players get the most out of the gameplay. Collect several elements together and as a result get a new type of monster that will be very strong.

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