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Launching early next year is Monster Hunter: World, a true monster-hunting simulation that requires players to learn the habits of dangerous predators and carefully prepare to fight them. At the IgroMir exhibition, we talked about the new part of the original Japanese series with Claas Wolter, PR manager from Capcom’s European office, and learned from him fresh details about the upcoming game.Monster Hunter World review
: The new part of Monster Hunter does not have a number in the title, but it has a subtitle World. What meaning did you put into it?

Klaas Walter: We deliberately didn’t add numbers to the title, because Monster Hunter: World is a big project that will be interesting for people unfamiliar with the previous parts. In it, we open up a whole world for players, rich in new opportunities.

SG: In Japan, the Monster Hunter series is much more popular than in the West, mostly because of its hardcore nature. Have you thought about making the game easier to lower the barrier to entry?

KV: The question of balance is always very difficult. On the one hand, we need to make it easier for new players to get used to it, on the other hand, we don’t want to upset real fans who are already used to a high level of play. In Monster Hunter: World, we try to find that very balance. To do this, we have added a few elements to help beginners get into the game, such as a tutorial level and hints.

SG: The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, for the first time, PC. How are you going to attract PC players, given that many have never even heard of the series?

KV: Yes, this is our biggest challenge at the moment. First of all, it’s great that you write about the game! We hope that thanks to this, more players will learn about the project. We make another bet on the graphics and the beauty of the process, which may be of interest to potential players.

Monster Hunter World review
SG: Yes, the game has really amazing graphics! How is the story in Monster Hunter: World?

KV: There is a plot in the game. We have a new unexplored continent, which we came to with an expedition to explore it. Gradually, with the help of quests, we will learn something new about the world and its inhabitants, and this will add up to the big picture and open up new opportunities for us.

SG: On the issue of the world. In Monster Hunter: World we are waiting for moving through locations without loading screens. That is, now you can not run away from the monster and heal in the neighboring zone. So the game has become more difficult?

KV: Yes, the game may have become more difficult. We will have an open world, different locations – desert, swamp and many others that we have not yet developed. At the moment when we go to the quest, the game is loading, but then the world will again be seamless. In theory, we can run away from the enemy, but he, too, will begin to move and recover a little.

Monster Hunter World review
SG: Tell us more about the game’s ecosystem and interactions between monsters.

KV: We have developed an ecosystem that lives its own life. For example, if you kill a monster, carrion birds will flock to its carcass and other monsters may come and want to feed. In addition, we can use some parts from monsters to our advantage and scare away animals that are afraid of them, simply by placing a body fragment in front of us. All the creatures in the game act according to their desires, you can make it so that the enemies decide to fight each other and help us a little. So, if two large monsters live on the map, you can try to pit them against each other.

SG: Multiplayer, as before, is designed for a maximum of four players. How will the interaction between them be implemented?

KV: The main difference from the previous parts is that now there is no difference between “single” and multiplayer: at any time during a single mission, we can call our friends with the help of signal fire. Either our registered friends or random players from the server can come to this call – provided, of course, that you confirm this.

SG: How comfortable will it be to play alone?

KV: You can play alone, but it will be difficult, much more difficult than with friends.

Monster Hunter World review
SG: A very important last question! How are the cat companions in solo mode? How much have Palico (this is the name of the cat race here. – Auth.) Changed compared to the previous parts, have they begun to perform any new functions?

KV: Cats are excellent helpers and healers, and they are also so cute that they make new friends who can also help us in battles, some animals become on our side only thanks to them.

SG: These animals can be understood, I would not resist such charm too! Thanks for the interview, Klaas. We look forward to the release of the game with great impatience!

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