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Monster Defense King is a strategic RPG. You need to think over a plan of attack and defense in order to prevent the enemies from seizing power over the castle and keep the king alive until the end of the duel.

Monster Protection King
 Codes Wiki (2023 January) 1.2.8
All Codes Expiration date
W8YO6QB0ZSP February 18, 2023
753QLMIG9Y February 20, 2023
JU02GACLZ January 25, 2023
50VSZCK9HWN January 19, 2023
Q97W5PSZV6OJ January 6, 2023
LCFQSXHYBN8 January 25, 2023
4PK5F9H8VSJ February 10, 2023
HEAMJRY645 January 2, 2023
740RZCLQY February 21, 2023
B3V759QGA0W January 24, 2023
7AUMVHW9BRLZ February 13, 2023
WPAD36RONLY January 12, 2023

A huge number of enemies await players in this defensive adventure, and each of them has its own superpowers. Try to study them and get ready to experience an irresistible desire to win. Monster Defense King is made in very simple graphics so that you can run the game on weak devices. An infinite number of stages await everyone on this journey, and the rewards will constantly change. Peculiarities:

  • in Russian and without the Internet;
  • every day new quests and tasks;
  • several interesting modes, including the arena;
  • endless gameplay;
  • pumping and improving the king, tower and weapons.

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