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Fishing is now being added to many games, and it is especially common in JRPGs and projects from independent developers. But not so many releases are devoted only to fishing – you rarely see games in which you need to spend time with a fishing rod in your hands more often than doing everything else. Now we have Moonglow Bay – despite the roughness, a very pleasant simulator of the life of a fisherman.

Good life

The character we chose (there is no full-fledged editor) once lived with his soulmate on Munglow Bay. Together they wanted to resurrect the fishing business, which would make the region more attractive to tourists and improve the lives of the locals. However, the partner disappeared three years ago, and from now on, turning the bay into a tourist center becomes our task.

The protagonist only knows how to fish, but he does not understand everything else. Fortunately, the locals are happy to help: they will teach you how to cook, and they will provide a vending machine for the sale of dishes, and equipment will be given along with various fishing rods. In return, they are asked to carry out their tasks: either cook an exotic dish, or bring a few fish. Along the way, the character solves the main secret of the bay and the ocean surrounding it: are there really creepy creatures there? And what really happened to your loved one or loved one?

Moonglow Bay: Overview

Among the inhabitants of the bay are full of adults and old people.

It turns out a simple, unpretentious adventure in the spirit of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. It even has its own analogue of the Blathers Museum – as soon as you catch a fish that you have not seen before, you can take it to the caretaker. He will place a copy in the aquarium (not all fish are displayed there), and at the same time supplement the description of the creature in your journal. There is a brief description, and the habitat, and the type of fish – it depends on which bait it is desirable to choose before casting the bait.

The fishing process itself is elementary: cast the hook, wait a couple of seconds until it starts to peck, and pull the line in different directions. There are subtleties like different baits and several types of fishing rods, thanks to which you can get a different catch in the same places, but this does not affect the gameplay in any way. The control scheme does not change, so you can go fishing at any time and not think about anything. The desire to get a fishing rod arises when you run to turn in the quest, rushing past the pier, and when you sail on a ship to some ice floes.

Moonglow Bay: Overview

On the water you can see the places of accumulation of fish, but it feels like the catch there is not much better.

Cooking is a little more difficult. Each dish is created according to a recipe – first you select it from a large list, and then follow the instructions on the screen. All actions are accompanied by simple mini-games. To wash the fish, you need to hold the stick in the green area on a special scale. To cut it, you need to press the button in time. You have to cook often, because this is the main source of income, and over time you get tired of mini-games – they do not change in any way.

The quality of the dish depends on how successfully the mini-games are completed.

But money can be earned in other ways, for example, simply by selling caught fish. The rarer the copy you offer to the merchant, the more he will pay. In the center of the bay there is a board with the requests of the inhabitants – they either want fish or food (and they will give money for it, of course), and some just want to talk and tell you about an unusual creature. There are enough strange representatives of the fauna here – what is worth even a fish that looks like a bag of coins.

On hook

The main advantage of Moonglow Bay is that it does not rush the player and does not force him to do anything. Numerous residents of the bay dream of some kind of dish – they can wait endlessly, there is no need to rush. Tasks appear on the bulletin board – if you didn’t have time to complete them, new ones will become available the next day. The character at some point begins to fall asleep, but this does not affect the gameplay – he runs just as fast. Just a corresponding icon will appear in the corner of the screen – when you want, then sleep. Hunger, thirst and endurance are, fortunately, not here. You can’t even eat your own meals.

Moonglow Bay: Overview

Selling and buying are done on the same screen.

The process of reviving a business is exciting, even though there is nothing special or original in the game. Save money and upgrade your vending machine. Check what food is trending today – for certain dishes sometimes they give more money than usual. Upgrade buildings that have fallen into disrepair in three years. New merchants appear, it becomes possible to buy recipes that have not yet been studied. And among them there are just those that are needed for cooking quest dishes. Every time you rejoice at a new fish, because it can be taken to the museum. As a result, while running from one location to another and catching fish, time flies by unnoticed.

It’s a pity, from a technical point of view, the game has problems. I’m used to leaving the game on for a long time and moving away, but this is not worth doing here – if the controller turns off, then none of the buttons will work upon returning. You can only turn off the game, and since there are no autosaves, you will lose all the progress you have earned. The same happens when using Quick Resume.

There are other bugs: either the map does not open, or the character gets stuck between objects, and once the game did not want to start at all. If it persists from time to time, the roughness will not be very annoying, but patches are definitely required. The creators have already reported that they are working on fixes, and the PC version especially needs them – there is not even mouse control there.

Moonglow Bay: Overview

The visual style may not be to everyone’s liking, but I think it fits the game really well.

Moonglow Bay is a good simulation of the life of a fisherman: it does not stand out in any way and is awkward in places, but it is very charming and able to captivate. You yourself do not notice how you have been floating on the water surface for an hour, visiting different areas and trying to catch something new, so that later you can return to the kitchen and prepare dishes for sale. There are a lot of quests, the progress system is implemented great, all sorts of little things like a museum and a magazine perfectly complement the gameplay, and a touching story leaves a pleasant aftertaste. But I recommend waiting for at least a couple of patches – without them, a calm fishing life can be overshadowed.

Pros: nice atmosphere; addictive gameplay with a good progress system; perfect for those who like mini-games with fishing; Touching story.

Cons: cooking-related mini-games are annoying, as you need to cook often; not everyone will like the fact that fishing does not change in any way when switching baits, lures and rods; bugs and lack of autosave can spoil the impression.

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