Codes New - Updated on December 16, 2022

Moonlight Lovers is an unusual role-playing game that sends you into a gloomy world full of romance, intrigue and mystery. Here you can write a gorgeous love story in the format of a visual novel, so get ready for an amazing adventure. Immerse yourself in several stories, divided into chapters, and try to go through each of them to the end. The development of the plot depends only on your actions, so think carefully before each choice.

Moonlight Lovers
 Codes (2023 February) 1.0.76
All Codes Expiration date
5IZDFAWC1PN January 26, 2023
S7NVR4IADG January 30, 2023
QYGNXFCPR January 28, 2023
I0Z8Y41KBDF February 6, 2023
8TG6HRM3Y49Z January 29, 2023
3M8ZAPYGQ1X December 27, 2022
L4NMB31S59G December 23, 2022
PGNOAZ3YKX January 13, 2023
K3FSIHGXZ January 21, 2023
X41YR75ASFQ December 29, 2022
DSE4O3HTRCJN February 4, 2023
9ZRW6V2OQ7P January 27, 2023

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