News - Updated on May 11, 2022

Major addition Sunbreak for Monster Hunter Rise received a separate online broadcast, during which capcom shed light on some of the components of the DLC, including monsters and battles. Also at the disposal of the players a new story trailer.

The video reveals in more detail the abilities of the dragon Malzeno – one of the Three Lords, terrorizing a distant kingdom. Many small creatures obey him, capable of sucking life out of the environment and capturing other creatures.

The ancient monster itself imposes a new Bloodblight status on hunters – because of it, the characters gradually lose health. However, hitting the dragon will allow you to return the stolen vitality. Otherwise, Malzeno will be able to transform into a more powerful form by accumulating enough “Hero Essence”.

They also showed other ferocious creatures, including:

  • Wyvern Seregios, first introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The monster has sharp claws that are used for a dive attack. You should also beware of its sharp scales.

  • Aurora Somnakent – This subspecies constantly releases a cold mist and freezes those who come too close. The beast has ice breath and deftly moves on the ice.

  • Magma Olmudron – prefers to bathe in red-hot lava, because of which it temporarily acquires a heated status. The subspecies uses its magma-shrouded tail for powerful attacks.

  • Also, the bestiary will be replenished with the already familiar, but stronger monsters of the “Master” level.

To deal with enhanced opponents, the developers have introduced a system that allows hunters to switch between preset skill sets on the fly. In addition, there is a way to dodge an attack during the transition from one style to another. According to the team, changing skills at the right time and combining them will give more freedom during the battle.

A couple more small details:

  • It will be possible to run along the walls without using the Protozhuk.

  • During some solo adventures, gamers are free to take along a partner from among the characters of the base MHR or Sunbreak.

  • Monsters can be attacked even when the hunter sits on top of them.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Coming to PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch on June 30th. The base game is required to run the expansion.

Full broadcast recording.

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