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A special event dedicated to Mortal Kombat 11 was held in three cities, one of which was Moscow. As SoftClub admitted to me, this is not an accident and not a one-time action: the developers from NetherRealm are aware that Mortal Kombat is a national cult for Russia. Therefore, the authors not only held the event, but also announced a special communist look for Scarlet, which only representatives of the Russian community can wear online.

We were there too! We tested all the characters shown, asked about the nuances of the updated combat system and asked your questions from the comments. No, there will be no opportunity to dress women in classic, “combat-friendly” costumes. With the main figured out – now let’s talk about the game!

It’s the same game but different

On the one hand, it’s still Mortal Kombat. She is recognizable “by touch”, Injustice 2 pecks in her, but you feel that you are launching the very game.

On the other hand, there was only one person who confidently said that the MK 11 is very similar to the MK X. All the rest cannot agree among themselves what has changed in the combat system. Leonid Davydov assures that everything has become much slower; esports players from the scene after demo matches (who can hardly be blamed for slowness) are surprised that deep and unobvious pitfalls have appeared; and the “casual” who sat down for Mortal Kombat for the third time in his life complains that “button meshing” no longer works.

All of the above is correct. The developers admit that they want to make the new part more positional and tactical. And this is the reason for all the major changes:

• Scales of special moves, which were traditionally filled with damage dealt or received, now fill up over time. Specially, so that the tactic “wait and rush to the attack” appeared.

• Then they removed the run – now you won’t be able to rush to the attack through the half-screen.

• The defender’s position is strengthened by the “perfect block”, which gives the opportunity to counterattack with the right timing.

• An alternative to X-Ray is now designed to create drama: once per round, you can activate Fatal Blow, remaining at the last 30% of health. The amount of damage from a special move is adjustable in the settings – you can remove a good 50% of the enemy’s “lives” and equalize the chances.

• A number of attacks have a Crushing Blow version that activates under certain conditions. For example, if you launch the famous Scorpion Hook across the entire screen, then on hit it will deal significantly more damage. You need to know your Crushing Blows in order to create situations on the battlefield that give you an advantage.

Mortal Kombat 11 обзор
Against the background of all this, arbitrary poking on the buttons begins to fail. For me personally, Mortal Kombat for the first time began to feel like a fighting game where you need to think and try, which the previous iterations did not require at all. The enemy can no longer be “spamed” with random attacks, and therefore, after 100 hours of training, your mother will no longer be able to roll out, closing her eyes because there is too much blood on the screen. Although the developers do not recognize the increase in hardcore: they say the roster is incomplete and you just need to choose a character to your liking.

The plot this time is completely original.

In the comments under the announcement of the new part, our user asked a very correct question: if MK X was a variation of the plot of the fourth part, then 11 is the new Deadly Alliance or Deception? Neither one nor the other.

The evil Raiden ripping off Shinnok’s head in the story trailer has shifted the balance of power. Now goodness with fists has finally won, the universal balance has collapsed, and a new heroine, Kronika, is forced to enter the scene. This is a lady who knows how to manage time, and she must help the forces of evil in order to normalize the situation. The authors proudly emphasize that for the first time in the series, the main antagonist is a woman.

Geras, an innovative character stylized as an Egyptian, joins her. Although all conceivable accusations of secondary techniques are pouring on him, the developers say that they did not expect such a reaction at all. The god of the sands and time can rewind the battle a few seconds back, canceling all damage, and even control the timer at the top of the screen! Got a life advantage? I hid in a corner, reset the timer to zero and counted myself a technical victory.

Kronika and Geras will mix chronologies and storylines into a mess, which has no analogues in the series yet. Throughout the story campaign, we will pit the past and present Scorpio, young and old Sonya Blade, good and bad Raiden against each other. And this logically opens up the opportunity for developers to transfer the main “feature” of Injustice 2 to the game.

Mortal Kombat 11 обзор

There will be a lot of customization

A cursory examination may give the impression that the customization system migrated from the superhero fighting game without changes. In fact, there are few similarities:

• The character has about five basic skins of different colors. Hence the white and yellow Sub-Zero.

• In addition to the basic clothing in the hands of the player give only three changeable items. Often – generally insignificant and imperceptible: the tip of a Scorpion harpoon or a jar of Scarlet’s blood. It will definitely not work to create a million unique variations on such a modest field.

• Appearance does not affect the characteristics of the item, but you can insert three runes into each item, and now they change everything – from experience per battle to damage.

• Of course, there is a separate online mode, where the characteristics do not matter.

• Three styles will no longer be – you yourself choose the main techniques of your character and you can assemble a champion to your taste.

• A separate tab, you can customize the behavior of artificial intelligence during a fight with this particular character.

Nothing is said about online yet, but from the main menu you can go to the “Towers of Time” mode and see that this is an exact copy of the Injustice 2 multiplayer with its planets. Although in an interview, the developers dodge specifics: “We won’t say why exactly, but now newcomers will feel much more comfortable in multiplayer, matchmaking will become different.”

In general, they promise to throw maximum effort into maintaining online: daily tests, regular rewards and other developments of all the “sessions” that are relevant today are possible.

Mortal Kombat 11 обзор


The most paradoxical thing is that, having made the game more positional and seemingly even complex, the authors managed to maintain transparency and ease of development. Perhaps, during gatherings with friends, it will feel even better than before: in order to win, you have to make much more conscious decisions, which means that there is more pleasure from your own coolness. If the 10th part seemed somehow not very necessary and passing, then in Mortal Kombat 11 the fatalities are scarier, the blood is thicker, and there seems to be just as much fun.

Bonus #1: Officially Debunked Rumors

• The Reddit leak that the new MK was supposed to get a Shaolin Monks-style story mode with platforming and travel is not true. The authors of such a leak have not even heard.

• A new animated series on Mortal Kombat, if it is being prepared, then the game developers do not know about it.

• HD-remake of the classic parts, it seems, will not. NetherRealm, they say, always wants to make only the best “experiences”, and classic parts are best played in their original form.

Mortal Kombat 11 обзор

Bonus № 2

Everyone is waiting for the return of Animality, Friendship or Hara-Kiri!
“We have no idea what it is, and we don’t even know what everyone is waiting for!”

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