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Mothergunship dispenses with long introductions and lengthy videos – the player is immediately dressed in an armored suit and placed on an alien ship. The stern colonel and his assistant tell the hero on the radio about his abilities, and after a couple of minutes you beat the aliens with your fists, and after that you create your first weapon, with which at the end of the training you defeat the huge “boss”. It plays almost as much fun as it sounds.

And I’m not enough

Everything here is built on the ability to mold absurd guns from several spare parts: the progress system, the gameplay itself, and the level design. Finding himself near the workbench, the player sees his inventory, divided into three sections. Barrels are all kinds of machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers and other similar things. Connectors are used to install these same tools – they come in different shapes and can hold several spare parts. And attachments improve the characteristics of the gun – for example, increase damage.

Connectors come in different types: on some, all the connectors are located on one side, others are very tiny, but you can stick something to them both from the back and from the side. However, when creating weapons, you need to remember a few important rules. First, all barrels must be pointed in the same direction, and the game will not allow you to install an extra machine gun if the rule is violated. Secondly, the “guns” vary in size, and some of them can be so large that they block adjacent connectors.

Nothing prevents you from attaching a couple more to one connector, and here the fun begins. You add one barrel, then two, then find another connector, tilt it in the right direction, this allows you to install a couple more parts. And if at the beginning of the level you had only bare fists (which, by the way, hit quite hard and are very useful in close combat), then by the end you come with two huge guns that simultaneously shoot lasers, rockets, and ordinary bullets .

Mothergunship game review

By placing the parts on the workbench, you can immediately find out how much damage your creation will cause.

However, it will not be possible to design a completely insane weapon. There is no reload in the game – instead of it, energy is expended when shooting. And the more trunks you have installed, the faster its stock will run out. By sticking a lot of machine guns and flamethrowers, you will create a very powerful cannon, but after a couple of seconds it will stop firing for a while. Therefore, you should think not only about the quantity, but also about the quality of spare parts – study how much energy they consume, what damage they do, what rate of fire they have. White parts are the simplest and most common, while rare and powerful pieces are often given out for completing missions or when buying on the black market.

Levels are launched from the headquarters – according to the plot, you visit various alien ships and each time you get to the self-destruct button (or to the “boss”), making an evacuation immediately after that. Usually, before the start of the next mission, you are allowed to take a few parts with you. You can choose your favorite three-socket straight connector, hoping to collect three barrels along the way, or grab some useful machine gun. In some side quests (which are called sponsors here), there is no choice – you are forced to go on a mission with certain elements. But it is not necessary to wear them, so here, in fact, they are not limited in anything.

By the will of fate

Locations are randomly generated and consist of several rooms in which a large number of aliens are always waiting for you. Although these rooms have a lot of variations, over time they begin to repeat themselves, and the opponents turned out to be not too diverse. Their abilities are different – some shoot rockets, others fly up and try to injure with circular saws, others release dozens of rays and inflict damage, slowly approaching the main character. But their design is boring – after all, we have already fought with turrets, flying drones and other similar mechanisms in many games.Mothergunship game review

Sometimes the rooms are literally packed with opponents.

The situation is saved by roguelite elements, including the random generation mentioned above – in addition to the fact that the rooms are always arranged in a random order, the location of opponents can also change. You remember that in a certain compartment you saw turrets standing at the corners, but next time they may not be there, and you will have to adapt to new conditions. There are usually several exits from the room – whichever you choose, you will be closer to completing the task. But it can be either ordinary halls with ordinary enemies, or lava-filled rooms or corridors with bonus coins – as you’re lucky.

The currency is used to buy new parts in stores, and sometimes it is not possible to purchase something for several stages. You can save coins for a long time and successfully fight back the aliens, but stay with the starting weapon due to the lack of shops and workbenches around. And when you finally manage to get spare parts, after a few minutes the level ends, and you still don’t manage to fully test your cool gun in action. Or, due to unsuccessful generation, you will lose the parts you took with you – in case of death, they are taken away, and it becomes impossible to pick them up at the base.

The listed shortcomings will most likely be corrected with updates – in August it is planned to add a cooperative mode, and in the future there will be even more new free content. And even now, these shortcomings do not spoil the impression so much as to throw the Mothergunship after a few levels. Collecting weapons and quickly moving from one enemy to another is a lot of fun, in places the game generally resembles the latest DOOM and classic shooters like Unreal. Therefore, it is desirable to go through it on a computer – the authors adapted the controls to the gamepad (a jump is made on the left stick, and a quick turn is made on the “square”), but it’s still more comfortable and more fun to play with the mouse.

The mood is lifted not only by dynamic gameplay, but also by excellent humor – the colonel, the technician and the robot, who constantly communicate with each other and the protagonist, joke great and are superbly voiced. The Russian version has a lot of gag, and some phrases are either abbreviated or doubled in length due to jokes added by the localizers, but the translation was still a success. And the rest of the components of the game indicate that it is much less serious than, for example, the same DOOM. After all, there you could not improve your triple jump so that you jump 40 times in a row without a break!

Mothergunship game review

There is no desire to stand still when you can bounce.


It is difficult to surprise a modern player – almost everything that could be implemented, someone has already managed to bring to life. But Mothergunship will be able to please those who are looking for something new. And at the same time, those who like giant guns that occupy almost half of the screen and shoot several shells at once. If the storyline campaign is not enough (and it probably will be), you can launch an endless mode where you don’t have to worry about the end of the level soon – collect anything and have fun from the heart.

Pros: dynamic gameplay in the spirit of “old school” shooters; the ability to create powerful guns with seemingly incompatible barrels; great humor in the story campaign; endless mode allows you to collect truly insane weapons.

Cons: similarity of locations and opponents; random generation sometimes throws up unpleasant surprises; minor performance issues.

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